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Should You Create Personalized Automobile Tours for Interested Long-Distance Consumers?


Most auto dealerships focus their marketing efforts locally. After all, there are auto dealerships in just about every community, so it only makes sense to spend your marketing dollars where they are most likely to make a difference – right? This all depends on your unique niche and your dealership’s reputation. Here’s what you need to know about increasing your market share by reaching out to long-distance customers and how video can help you do just that.

Should You Reach Out to Long-Distance Customers in the First Place?

Whether or not you need to market to people who are outside your local area will depend on a few different factors. Though it never really hurts to expand your demographic, you must consider whether those dollars would be better spent locally. Here are some considerations:

  • Do you own a niche dealership? If your dealership is very similar to others that already exist in the locations you want to market to, it may be more difficult for you to get customers. However, if your dealership offers “niche” products like only certified preowned vehicles or high-end luxury cars that may not be available in the locations you’re considering, it could very well be worth your time.
  • Do you have a fantastic local reputation? Before you can venture out into the world and expect to bring others from miles away to your dealership, you should first take the time to gauge your reputation locally. If you are known for your good deeds in the community, your good service, and your trustworthiness, there’s a very good chance this may help you when it comes time to expand your market share outward.
  • Can you make the trip worth the customers’ while? If customers travel from miles away to come look at a car you’ve advertised only to discover it isn’t quite what they expected, this can be one of the most damaging things you can do when it comes to your reputation. If you’re going to ask customers to travel, make it worth their while.

How to Use Video to Attract and Keep Long-Distance Customers

After considering the three things above, if you’ve decided to go ahead and start marketing to those outside your local area, then the most important tool you can have in your sales arsenal is the TruVideo platform. Encourage people to contact your dealership before making the drive, and then take some time to get to know them and find out what they like. Then, use the TruVideo app to record personalized and short automobile tours of vehicles that suit their needs. As they narrow down their choices, offer more in-depth virtual tours, and be sure to ask the customer what he or she would like to see. Not only does this help you sell more cars to more people, but today’s consumers love the personalized level of service.

Video makes it incredibly easy to expand your reach without sinking thousands of extra dollars into your marketing budget. All you need is a few spare minutes to record a video and the desire to truly help your customers find the vehicles that are best for their individual needs.