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Groundbreaking Service AI Suite

Sentiment Noise Cancellation TruText TruAssit AI Video Summaries

Understand How Customers Feel and React in Real-time.

TruVideo’s AI professionalizes dealership communication with customers by assisting personnel with suggested, grammatically-correct responses. This is an example of how we are bringing technology together with a human touch to provide a first-class customer experience.


  • Live Sentiment Analysis: TruVideo’s real-time sentiment analysis provides OEMs and dealerships with immediate insight into a customer’s experience, eliminating the need for unreliable, often-manipulated, and outdated surveys. This transformative technology has significantly improved service satisfaction for certain brands. Based on an analysis of every text, dealership staff is notified in real-time when a customer requires extra attention, ensuring proactive and responsive customer care.
  • Noise Cancellation: Addressing the prevalent issue of background noise in automotive videos, TruVideo’s AI-powered noise-canceling solution delivers crystal-clear audio without compromising voice quality. The result is a dramatic increase in engagement and positive feedback on video content.
  • TruText: The newly launched AI-powered text analyzer, TruText, is designed to convert staff answers into professional responses to customer requests and inquiries. This powerful tool streamlines staff member work and professionalizes communication to the customer.
  • TruAssist: TruAssist automates common inquiries and provides multiple appropriate replies based on customer needs. This creates efficiencies for all staff members and is projected to eliminate 60-70% of the time spent responding to messages by the end of this year.
  • AI Video Summaries: TruVideo’s Video Summaries offer a convenient solution for customers reviewing millions of videos. Instead of watching the video or reading a transcript, users receive a concise text summary, significantly reducing review time.


TruVideo currently works with a number of partners in the space to bring forward-thinking solutions to dealers, partners, and manufacturers through an open API. If you’re interested in harnessing the power of TruVideo’s AI solutions, please contact our partner coordinator at