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With tools like streamlined service inspections, sales walk-arounds, outbound marketing campaigns, estimates, approvals, and payments, dealerships are able to gain buyer insight at the lowest point of the sales funnel.

TruVideo for Automotive

Commercial Trucking

TruVideo helps you get trucks back on the road in record times, helping make your company an industry leader in customer satisfaction, vehicle service times, and increased revenue.

How we help Commercial Trucking
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Compatibility with almost any DMS and Inventory Integration, combined with a host of features like Dashboard Reporting, Performance Visibility, Quality Review and more make TruVideo a true asset for any OEM.

OEM Partner Benefits

Software Partnerships

TruVideo’s vast array of tools and technologies makes us a great resource for third party data needs and communication.  From marketing to sales to inventory management – our platform is powerful enough to drive your business and flexible enough to fit into it.

Partner with TruVideo
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Build customer trust.

Created with video at our core, TruVideo contains all the tools that your dealership needs to provide trusted and effective customer engagement wrapped up into one platform.

When they understand, they’ll take your advice.

Higher Parts Sales
Increased R.O.
C.S.I. Improvement
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