Let’s Change the Automobile Industry Together

TruVideo isn’t your typical technology provider. It was founded by a dealer principal and technologist and after 18 months of design, input, and testing with actual dealer users TruVideo launched a game changing service for your dealership or shop. Our team of Customer Success Managers consists of experts in technology, marketing, and former automotive technicians and service managers. TruVideo understands your needs. Book a demo today to see the nuts and bolts of how TruVideo works.

We’re experts at building trust.

All of our services are designed to connect with your customers like never before. Whether you’re selling cars or offering service on cars: we’ve got the tools for you. Trust is the foundation of any relationship and the there’s no exception when it comes to car owners and service providers. With our tools your customers know you care and put their trust in you. When trust is given loyalty is created.

The TruVideo service suite is built to bridge the gap between service providers and customers. We’ve made it easier than ever to show exactly what needs to be done on a given service request through our state-of-the-art video platform. Within moments a customer can see what their service provider is seeing while hearing the service provider explain, in detail, what needs to be done.

What customers are saying

“TruVideo has changed our service department for the better by giving us the opportunity to show and tell the customer what’s going on with the vehicle. Plus, you can keep it on file for two years. It’s a no-brainer. Why wouldn’t you do it?”

Gary McGinnis
Service Manager

It’s Time to Upgrade
to The Industry Trends

Customers need to see to believe, even your long-time clients feel better knowing their vehicle is in the hands of a shop who values trust, transparency, and integrity. Soon video multipoint inspections and communication will eclipse paper sheets and phone calls.  Are you ready for this new future? If you’re reading this you’re well on your way. TruVideo provides the easiest solution to provide video and text communication to your customers using your current hardware and workflow.  Why texting? Just look at the numbers.


Higher verification rates (positive or 'yes' responses) through text, compared to phone calls.


increase in customer retention by using texting over traditional phone calls.


of people who text prefer it over voicemail.


Higher response rates from text over phone calls.

Our Full Solutions Suite

Each section of the TruVideo platform is uniquely designed for the needs of the user. Learn more about the benefits of using video and texting across the dealership by diving deeper into each app.

  • Build trust to accrue loyalty
  • Connect with customers personally
  • Maximize transparency with texting and video
  • Increase customer retention


Video: show your customer all their service needs in the clearest form of communication.


Show accurate vehicle information through video while keeping your phone number private.

Condition Reporting

Record condition of loaners, rentals, and service vehicles.  Prevent any disputes before they happen.

Texting Platform

2-way texting platform allowing dealers to text customers directly from the TruVideo dashboard.