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Phone tag is fun for no-one. TruVideo’s suite of tools help you communicate directly with your customers in a way they appreciate.

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Get insight and build trust.

With tools like streamlined Service Inspections, Sales Walk-Arounds, Outbound Marketing Campaigns, Estimates, Approvals, and Payments, dealerships are able to gain buyer insight at the lowest point of the sales funnel.

TruVideo helps all dealership roles succeed.

Whether its a sales or service, TruVideo’s platform enables both departments to directly communicate with customers.  This transparency builds trust and results in higher RO line items, more sales appointments met and happier customers.

Dealer Principals

Dealerships need to attract and retain sales opportunities as well as service opportunities.

TruVideo’s platform enables both departments to directly communicate with customers, whether its a sales walk-around, or a service video.  This transparency builds trust and results in higher RO line items, more sales appointments met and happier customers.

Service Directors

TruVideo delivers increases in dollars per RO and CSI, builds trust and improves customer loyalty and retention.

Managers know that quick resolution to problems is critical to CSI. The TruReports tool, included for all TruVideo users, has real-time analytics that show managers how customers feel both by the numbers and their own words. Managers relish the opportunity to address a problem immediately. When things go right, service managers can send satisfied customers a request to write a review on Google right away.

Service Advisors

Advisors who use TruVideo spend less time playing phone tag and more time in a two-way conversation and can even directly text customers without using their personal phone number.  With video, advisors no longer need to paint a mental picture for the customer. It helps customers feel secure about larger expenditures

Sales People

Sales people will benefit from the TruVideo’s walk-arounds and direct customer communication. Leaping over the online barrier, video is an unbeatable tool for converting web traffic into appointments and sales.  Sales Managers recognize that a remote sales strategy is essential and  TruVideo has already enabled some stores to double their appointment set rates year after year (Walser Sales case study).


TruVideo builds trust between technicians and advisors.  Video ensures all uncovered work is proposed to the customer, not just what the advisor feels is essential. Video reduces selective selling practices and gives technicians more control over their paychecks.

Technician holding smartphone taking photography of car engine open hood

“The customer has a better understanding of what’s wrong with the car and what it’s going to take to fix it.”

Rick Fitz;Service Manager

“[With TruSales] we saw a 32% increase in set rate and over 1500 appointments year over year.”

Ashley CavazosSenior Manager - Digital Sales
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We Want to Help You Succeed

Training & Support

We provide training onsite and remote – as well as phone, IM Chat, and Email support during business hours of 8AM to 6:30PM Eastern M-F. You’ll also get access to our online video library of “How To” videos available to clients 24 hours a day.

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Fully Branded Video

Fully branded HD videos are sent as a link via text message to your customer. With just a few taps, the customer receives the optimal communication experience. Technicians can build trust by sharing details directly with the customer, and sales professionals can send walkarounds to prospects unable to visit in person.

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Easy Communication

2-Way Texting

Our complete 2-way texting platform allows customers to quickly communicate with their service advisor or sales representative in order to receive answers to any questions about their vehicle.

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Easy Transactions

Secure Payments

Customers can review and securely pay for their service repairs right from their mobile device. Let your customers comfortably send contactless digital payments from their home.

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Empower the Customer


The estimate creator allows advisors to quickly and easily create estimates for customers to accept or decline each item online. Service videos provide transparency, and estimates empower customers to choose the essential work needed for their vehicle. The combination of video and estimates create a positive experience for the customer while driving up revenue per RO.

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Get Everyone on the Same Page

Team Chat

A complete internal chat platform that allows everyone in your organization to communicate easily through one app. This enables your teams to collaborate and get answers to time sensitive questions.

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Electronic Multi-Point Inspection


TruInspect is an electronic multipoint inspection (eMPI) tool for creating a seamless digital inspection process.

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Keep Track of Customer Interactions


TruReports provides dealerships with real-time analytics on utilization, customer sentiment, and engagement.Easily view your customer’s pulse and comments, NPS score, RO $, videos taken, viewed, shared, and more.

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Condition Reporting

Eliminate Damage Claims

Eliminate customer damage claims. Use TruVideo to record every vehicle that comes onto your lot. Now you’ll have a time-stamped video of the condition of the vehicle when you received it and when you returned it to the customer.

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Modular Design
Flexible Product Packages to Fit Your Needs

Affordable packages for every dealer!

TruVideo is a fully customizable application with flexible packages that you can adjust to meet your needs.