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OEM Partnerships

TruVideo helps your dealerships perform better and gives OEMs the global visibility to track and manage their performance.

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True dealer management

Compatibility with almost any DMS and Inventory Integration, combined with a host of features like Dashboard Reporting, Performance Visibility, Quality Review and more make TruVideo a true asset for any OEM.

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How TruVideo helps OEM’s manage their dealers


DMS Integration

With DMS integration, ROs automatically appear in the TruVideo system - eliminating data entry for your advisors and technicians and enabling real-time reporting.


TruVideo now offers real-time engagement and sentiment insight into what your customers are actually doing and saying. This is a new way to report on how your customers interact with video content to demonstrate the overwhelmingly positive feedback and head off disgruntled early.

Dashboard Reporting

TruVideo’s reporting pulls multiple departments and customer insights into a central data ecosystem. Our robust data architecture delivers actionable data in easy to navigate modules.
Dynamic analytics have never looked so good.

Quality Review

TruVideo has pioneered a video assessment that summarizes the quality of videos recorded at a dealership to a simple report card. To experience the most benefit from video in your dealership, look to the report card for feedback on introductions and wrap ups, gauge and tool usage, staging and how to walk around a vehicle.

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