Seeing is Believing, Transparency Builds Trust

TruVideo customers believe in transparency. What is more transparent than recording and sending a video of the customer’s vehicle highlighting any recommendations?

Who wants to buy something they can’t see?
Who wants to pay for something they don’t understand?

TruVideo was founded by automotive industry experts, technologists, and entrepreneurs to bridge the trust gap between consumers and your service and sales centers. Formed in 2015, TruVideo spent years refining their services with a focus on simplicity, functionality, and design. Formed by Douglas Chrystall and Warner Jones in partnership with Joe Shaker and the Shaker Auto Group, TruVideo was envisioned as the solution to customer trust and loyalty.  In 2015 Joe Shaker asked his customers how much they really trusted their service and sales departments, and once past the niceties Joe had his answer, “…you’re always going to have doubts.”. Formed in the Greater Boston Area, TruVideo resides in Wellesley, MA about a 30 minute drive from Boston near the heart of the East Coast’s technology center.

Surrounded by world renowned institutes and universities, TruVideo is plugged into the latest technology trends. Locals and transplants alike, the TruVideo team loves the Greater Boston Area.  Where else can you pass by 3 Dunkin Donuts, a seafood shanty, and a Michelin Star restaurant within a couple blocks of each other? The TruVideo Team spends their free time, outside of their passionate commitment to the TruVideo Products, enjoying the outdoors, cycling, basketball, at the beach, and taking in the History abounding in all areas of New England. We believe a team running on empty cannot serve your needs so we take our recharge time seriously.

Our Core Values

TruVideo has been built by a dealer principal and has always focused on being the simplest to use video app on the market. We understand that implementation is key and work with our customers to ensure rollout is a success. We do not want to change the way you do business, just how you communicate with your customers.


5 clicks to record, 3 to review and send, 2 to view.


support channels to our customers and 99% run time.


constantly improving the product by listening to our customers to stay ahead of competition.


Customers do not need any software to receive and watch their videos.

Meet the TruVideo Team

Douglas Chrystall

Chief Technology Officer

Warner Jones

Chief Operating Officer

Kevin Anderson


Michael Hand

Customer Success Manager

Jake Hardy

Customer Success

Improve car sales by
Truvideo Customers
The Difference

TruVideo isn’t your typical vendor. It was founded by a dealer principal and technologist who took 18 months building and tailoring the platform for the auto industry by observing and listening to our beta customers.

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