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Frequently asked questions

How is TruVideo different than just taking a video with your phone and texting it to someone?

There are a few reasons why TruVideo is more than just recording a video with your phone and texting it to someone. Oftentimes when a person tries to send a video that is over a couple minutes long from one smartphone to another, the video will have a hard time sending. If it does send, the quality is usually reduced. There is no time limit when recording a TruVideo and the video will always be HD quality for the end customer.

TruVideo also offers a branding opportunity for dealers and independent shops. Each video that is sent out will have the store’s logo in the upper right hand corner. When the customer opens their video link, they will also see the store’s logo at the top of the page.

TruVideo offers tracking with each video that is sent. Once a customer has viewed their video, managers will be able to see the date/time the customer watched the video as well as how long the video was viewed for.

Users have their privacy protected with TruVideo. All texting done with TruVideo is done over a phone number purchased for the dealership, users never have to share their personal cell phone number to text with a customer.

Can TruVideo be used on any mobile device and/or do I have to purchase special equipment?

TruVideo can be downloaded on any Android or iOS device for free. No special equipment is required.

How soon can my dealership get up and running with TruVideo?

Once we hear that your dealership is interested in moving forward with TruVideo, we immediately begin the “onboarding” process. Setup can take anywhere from two days to three weeks depending on the type of training requested. It usually takes a few days.

Do you provide training?

Yes, we provide comprehensive, remote training for your team.

How can I get a demo and talk to someone more about getting TruVideo for my store?

Head to the home page of our website and select “Learn More”.  One of our sales representatives will be in touch within 24 hours!

What support does TruVideo provide after training and installation?

TruVideo provides phone, IM Chat, and Email support during business hours of 8AM to 6:30PM Eastern M-F.  We provide an online video library of “How To” videos available to clients 24 hours a day. As a company, we strive to create a personal experience for our clients.  Typically after an installation you’ll have access to your installer’s cell and email and we do encourage you to reach out anytime you have a question. We are constantly looking to improve our documentation, support, training, and ongoing support resources and love and encourage feedback from our customers.  Feedback makes us better and ultimately helps forge the best video communication product for your customers!

What are the benefits of sending a customer a video versus just telling them what's wrong with their vehicle? (Service)

Let’s face it, most drivers out there are not automotive experts. Video gives customers the ability to see and understand what is going on with their vehicle. As we know, seeing is believing, and video is the way that humans typically receive information today. Using video, dealerships are able to build trust with their customers and can show they are transparent.

I have pictures of my vehicles on my website, why do I need TruVideo to send prospects a video of their potential vehicle? (Sales)

For sales agents, video helps build rapport with their customers. Sales agents typically will start their videos off with a selfie, and then show the vehicle with all the features the prospect is interested in. The video is personalized for the prospect and helps them know who to look for when they arrive at the dealership. We have found that video extends reach for sales agents. When the customer receives a video, they know the exact vehicle they are looking for is on the lot. The customer is more likely to travel a further distance if they know the dealership has exactly what they are looking for.

Does TruVideo work on a Kindle or other type of Fire Tablet?

TruVideo does not work with Fire Tablets. Tablets are generally not recommended due to aging hardware (lack of OEM updates), weak microphone performance, and size (too large to fit under cars in some areas).

What DMS does TruVideo work with?

Reynolds & Reynolds
Dealer track

Can I do mobile pay with TruVideo?

Yes, we integrate with all the major platforms Worldpay, Forte, google pay and apple pay. You can also send your customers a quote within the application that your customer can approve or decline recommended work per line item. Once your customer authorizes the work you can send them an invoice detailing the recommendations and approved line items where they can then finalize by paying through your established merchant account.

How much does this cost?

We don’t have a set rate for any one of our customers. Truvideo is a fully customizable application, that means that you are in control of the cost. Our platform has no long term contract commitment, we are month to month. This allows you to make adjustments as you see fit. As your partners in the service industry we want to know If a component is not working for you, we can help you find the right fit, we are invested in your success.

What do I need to use this?

Any wifi capable device that can record video, although most of our customers use their own phones. If that doesn’t work for your team we also have a few devices we can recommend.