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Rick Fitzl
Service Manager

Tom Frisch
Service Director

Armando Saenz
Service Advisor

James Concannon
Service Technician

Ashley Cavazos
Senior Manager

Barry Steinberg
Owner of Direct Tire

Jarret Craver
Service Manager 

Ryan Riste
General Manager

Trevor Christianson
Master Technician

Wallwork Truck Center

Angie Krause
Assistant Service Manager

Lynn Monson
Service Technician

More From Our Customers:

“My service advisor, Shelly, has been amazing. She’s very nice and informative. I’ve had nothing but good experiences every time I’ve gone to Baker Cadillac for service. And I love that the technician that worked on your car send you a video and runs down all the thing they went through and checked on your car. It definitely makes the service experience seem much more transparent and the more information I see about my car the better.”

– Trail F.
Customer of Baker Cadillac (MA) Mar 22, 2018

“First time customer at new Medway location and everything went great and was very professional. Emailing video showing what work needs to be done or not done is a great idea!”

– Betsy Johnson
Customer of Direct Tire (MA) Apr 15, 2018

“This is great! I appreciate the thorough explanation of the repair and being able to actually see the new part that was ordered and being installed. This video application helps to make the customer aware of all of the details surrounding their repair and gives them real time updates and expectations. It’s also shows that Alamo Heights Garage portrays a willingness to be transparent which makes customers feel informed and assured that they are in good hands. This is important to people with limited knowledge of automobiles to feel comfortable that their repair shop is making the correct and necessary repair.”

Customer of Alamo Heights Garage (San Antonio, Texas)

“I really like the new video program of work done along with potential problems. My car is a 2007 and it seems every time I came in for an oil change, you found something else leaking. I was getting skeptical if it always true. When the video showed a new small leak (which was not what I came in for) seeing was the ultimate in believing, and I had it repaired plus was happy to get it done before the problem got worse. I’m sorry I ever doubted you guys!”

-George G. 
Customer of Jerry Seiner Buick (Utah) Mar 26, 2018

“Baker went above and beyond sending me a video and explanation of what service was performed on my vehicle. To all the employees at Baker Cadillac: You are a great team and take pride in your work to make sure Baker is represented with the highest standards. Thank you!”

-Richard H.
Customer of Baker Cadillac (MA) Mar 22, 2018

“Thank you for the recorded service! I really like the ‘transparency’ in service. VW is really creative and setting a new standard. I will always go to Faulkner VW for my service because of the transparency. That’s awesome and develops trust.”

-Craig Benner
Customer of Faulkner Volkswagen (PA)