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What's the price of entry?

TruVideo offers select bundling options covering a range of price points. We’ll work with you to find the one that best meets your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions


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About Us

We constantly improve our products to take communication to the next level.

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What is support like after purchase?

TruVideo provides phone, IM Chat, and Email support during business hours of 8AM to 6:30PM Eastern M-F.  We provide an online video library of “How To” videos available to clients 24 hours a day. As a company, we strive to create a personal experience for our clients.  Typically after an installation you’ll have access to your installer’s cell and email and we do encourage you to reach out anytime you have a question. We are constantly looking to improve our documentation, support, training, and ongoing support resources and love and encourage feedback from our customers.  Feedback makes us better and ultimately helps forge the best video communication product for your customers!

Can't I just talk to my customers like I always have?

Video gives customers the ability to see and understand what is going on with their vehicle.

As we know, seeing is believing, and video is the way that humans typically receive information today. Using video, dealerships are able to build trust with their customers and can show they are transparent.

What do I need to use this?

Any wifi capable device that can record video, although most of our customers use their own phones. If that doesn’t work for your team we also have a few devices we can recommend.