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Commercial Trucking

TruVideo’s communication platform revolutionizes heavy truck servicing in today’s time-sensitive transportation industry.

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Get Trucks Back On The Road In Record Time

  • Personalized video diagnosis
  • Electronic estimates
  • Text-based communication
  • Under 10 minute average approval time.

TruVideo helps you get trucks back on the road in record times, helping make your company an industry leader in customer satisfaction, vehicle service times, and increased revenue.

Personalized Video

Two-Way Texting

Centrally-Managed Communication

At your Leisure Communication

Reporting and Analytics

Customer Engagement

Internal Communication Management

Various System Integrations: DMS and SRM

Reduced Dwell Time

Wallwork Case Study

  • Less than 4 minutes: average time between videos being sent and customers viewing them.
  • Less than 1 minute: average time between when an estimate is viewed and when customers approve the work.
  • 90% upsell rate on RO’s.
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A mechanic looking at his phone inside a commercial truck

What Our Customers Are Saying

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Service Manager

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Service Technician

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Service Director

Increase Your Bottom Line on all Repair Orders Mind

  • Using video to highlight specific issues and make recommendations leads to more upsells. 
  • Using data from existing DMS systems, TruVideo can create Delta Reports to highlight the average increase of ROs with video vs without video.
  • Get granular reporting down to the technician and advisor.
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Decisiv/Assist Integrations pull all RO data in your system to avoid double entry.

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Simply click on the RO in the TruVideo app and send videos or text directly to the appropriate case.

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All Communication is automatically logged in the case.


How will this fit in with our existing workflow?

TruVideo works with your techs and advisors during your training sessions to identify prime opportunities to leverage text, video, or both.  Whether it’s a DOT inspection, sending an estimate, or simply an oil change.

What kind of Hardware/Storage space do we need for this?

TruVideo is Cloud-based. So all communication is sent to the cloud including videos and your text history. Technicians can use their personal or shop phones and videos still won’t take up any storage. Your advisors operate out of a browser window, so they don’t need to download any clunky applications.

How many service members have access to TruVideo?

There is no limit to how many users have access per location. It’s up to you who you want to use it.

Do you need to use your own personal number?

TruVideo purchases a unique phone number for each department that handles all communications with the customer. The customer will never see the personal phone number of the advisor or the technician.

How are advisors notified they have a video for review or a text response?

Advisors have the option to receive any/all of our notifications. Most advisors will receive a popup notification on their desktop to alert them that something requires their attention. We recognize that advisors often work in many tabs, so the popups hover over any other application that the advisor may be running at the time. They will also stay on the screen until they are clicked or closed, ensuring that the advisor cannot miss a notification when they are away from their desk. The advisor also has the option of receiving an app notification, text notification, or email.