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With TruVideo, personalized sales videos including vehicle conditions, features, and availability can be created and sent in one convenient message directly to potential buyers.

Dealerships are now able to establish a relationship with a client before they even step foot onto the lot by virtually responding to leads via a detailed video of the exact car a customer is interested in buying.


Trust the Numbers

Our extensive results prove customers significantly prefer video and texting communication over outdated methods such as phone calls and emails.


bump in CSI


increase in dollars per RO


improvement in show rate for sales prospects


average videos viewed per account per month

All-In-One Communication Platform

Created with video at our core, TruVideo contains all the tools that your dealership needs to provide trusted and effective customer engagement wrapped up into one platform.


The custom branded HD quality videos created via a smartphone can be sent in a text message straight to your prospects’ phones.

Normally, sending videos through text is challenging due to large file sizes and quality issues. Creating and sending videos through the TruVideo platform eliminates both of these obstacles. Prospects receive a direct connection to the salesperson with whom they will be working when they arrive to purchase the vehicle. It’s proof that the vehicle of choice is truly available and right there on the lot. Customers get to know your team personally which builds more confidence in the dealership.

HD Vide0


TruVideo has an integrated 2-way texting platform that allows you to text customers’ walkaround videos and send them directly to wherever they are.

90% of text messages sent to customers are read within 3 minutes. This allows for immediate and concise conversations centered around the exact car that they are considering. Most people don’t have time to drive from dealership to dealership and are unavailable or too busy to answer a lengthy return phone call about vehicles. Texting with TruVideo is not only instant but is also done with privacy in mind. The sales staff does not have to share their personal numbers or save customer numbers. All information remains within the TruVideo platform. Customers don’t need to download any app. They will receive your messages as texts from a dedicated phone number that identifies your dealership and has an opt-out feature. No more communication missed because the caller ID is unknown.


TruReports provides dealerships with real-time analytics on utilization, customer sentiment, and engagement.

Easily view your customer’s pulse and comments, NPS score, RO $, videos taken, viewed, shared, and more. The comprehensive dashboard screen enables users to view key revenue and communication metrics and to download reports at the click of a button. TruReports provides access to actionable information, allowing dealer personnel the ability to see where they stand, act on deficiencies and respond to issues quickly.


Not only does TruVideo enable personnel to text the customer, it also facilitates communication within the dealership, creating a stronger team environment.

Communication is vitally important for businesses to work efficiently and be as productive as possible. With TruVideo, the dealership staff can engage in individual and group messaging. TruVideo works through a phone or a computer, so your staff will always have access no matter where they are or what they are doing. With more thorough and active communication among employees, morale and performance rise!

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Affordable packages for every size dealership

TruVideo is a fully customizable application with flexible packages that you can adjust to meet your needs.

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