New Car Sales App

What is the best way to respond to a customer inquiry on a pre-owned vehicle? A personalized video that confirms the vehicle is on the lot, has the features that are advertised, and is in the condition the customer expects. Dealerships using the TruVideo Sales App begin building rapport with the customer before they even step foot on the lot by sending custom walkaround videos of both the exterior and interior of the car for sale. Sales agents highlight the features that are important to their specific customer and differentiate themselves from local competition. Dealerships can also post their videos directly to their Facebook page or YouTube channel to reach more viewers.

Build Rapport

  • Customers no longer have to fear the “bait and switch” by seeing that the vehicle they are interested in really is available and in the condition that is advertised.
  • Sales Agents not only introduce the vehicle to the customer, but they often begin videos in “selfie mode” to introduce themselves.

Extend Reach

  • Customers are willing to travel from farther away because they have more information and confidence in the vehicle of interest.
  • Share testimonials of happy customers as they pick up their new vehicle and instantly post them to your dealer Facebook page.


  • Be the first dealership in your area to send a custom video to the customer.
  • When a customer is determining between several dealerships advertising the same vehicle for the same price, how do you set yourself apart?

Improve Sales

  • Used car sales are known to increase as much as 25% when sending custom videos to customers.
  • Improve percentages at every level of the funnel including appointments made, appointments kept, and closing ratio.

Tracking and Reporting

  • Know exactly when the customer has viewed the video, how many times they have viewed it, and the exact length of each view.
  • Inspect what you expect by receiving daily email reports highlighting how many videos have been recorded, sent, and viewed by the customer.

“I love the TruVideo sales system! It saves my prospects trips to the dealership – especially those who are out of the area – while still showing these low-funnel potential customers the features and options about which they’re calling. It works equally well for new and used vehicles. It helps me develop a relationship as I include a selfie when I’m describing the equipment, certification, etc. The TV tracking system, which distinguishes TV from videos taken on personal smartphones, enables management to track open rates for texts and emails, while boosting appointments made and kept. I had a lead from Pawtucket, RI that inquired on a 2015 Ford F-150, he was looking at the identical truck at the same price at two RI dealers but came to Needham, MA because I was the only guy to send a video highlighting the vehicle. Great branding and he knew who to look for when he got to Muzi. My 90 seconds of effort was well rewarded.”

Tim DuffyCommercial

-Truck Sales, Muzi Ford