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Using Video to Build Your Reputation as a New Dealership


If you’re the new auto dealer on the block, there’s a lot for you to think about. How many other dealerships are there in the same local area? How does the local population receive those dealers? How far away will people come to visit those dealerships? Perhaps the biggest question of all, though, is this one: what can you do as a brand new auto dealer to set yourself apart from your competitors? Here’s how video can help.

Post Videos to Social Media

Advertising is critical to any auto dealership, and in today’s day and age, there’s no better way to advertise than on social media. You can always snap a photo of the hottest car on your lot with a snappy quote that catches locals’ attention, but if you can take a quick, thorough, and enthusiastic virtual tour video of that car instead, you’ll be doing something that other dealers in your area simply aren’t doing. The best part? It’s free to share that video with people on social media. Build your following, share your videos, give your followers an incentive to share your videos with others, and the sales will eventually come.

Do Good Things for Your Community

They say that a good deed is only good when nobody knows you’ve done it, but in the case of a brand-new business, this isn’t the case at all. You can use video to help your dealership become pillar of the community in a couple unique ways. First, think of a cause you are passionate about, and something that will benefit the community. Host a car wash with all proceeds donated to the local women and children’s shelter, for example. Then, use video technology and social media to spread the word and show the community that you are having a great time for a great cause. It’ll make you feel good and build your reputation at the same time.

Communicate with Customers Accurately

One of the biggest reasons why car dealerships get bad reputations in their local areas has to do with a serious lack of trust, but the good news is that you can rectify this with a simple two-minute video every single time you have a customer bring a car in for a repair. Is a customer’s master cylinder shot? Take a video of the lack of brake fluid in the cylinder and show her how that impacts her ability to brake with a close-up shot. Is another customer’s problem a simple sensor? Show him the diagnostic code, a close-up of the sensor, and an explanation of what it does. These things build insane amounts of trust (and your reputation!) in a matter of minutes, and every new dealer should be doing them.

Believe it or not, a quick high-quality video can do quite a bit to help you solidify a good reputation as the most trustworthy dealership in your community within a matter of months – if not weeks. It’s all about how you choose to put technology to work for you. Of course, you need a great product and great service behind you, but once you have that, it’s all about using video to build trust and make your brand memorable.