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At the beginning of every year, most management teams will lay out goals and numbers that are expected to be reached for the next year. Often times, a certain level of growth is expected, but how many dealers have set plans to achieve this growth?

Kolbe Meier lays out 6 goals that most managers would deca suomi set for their Service BDC, which are almost identical to goals for a Service department as a whole. We will take a closer look at these goals and discuss how GetTransparency can provide a clear path to success.

  1. Improved customer experience – According to a J.D. Power study, a customer who feels misinformed tends to have a 200 point drop on their CSI score on a 1,000-point scale. Video makes sure that everyone (customer, technician, and service advisor) can clearly see the recommended maintenance and is working off the same information.
  2. Increased dollars per customer pay repair order – Using video adds a 20% bump in dollars per customer pay repair order on your current customer base.
  3. Increased customer pay and warranty repair order counts – Customers often share their superior customer service with friends and family. These videos often act as referrals for a trusted service department and are even ready to be shared on social media.
  4. Increased customer retention – Using video makes an impression with customers on their very first visit. One of our customers repeatedly says that it takes 2-3 oil changes to earn a repeat customer, but only 1 video.
  5. Improved employee satisfaction and retention for Advisors, Technicians, and BDC staff – Video improves the communication between advisor and technician and will often garner a response from the customer much quicker, leading to less down time for the technician and more efficient communication with the customer.
  6. Increased revenue and profitability – GetTransparency continues to be one of the only programs that increases revenue while also improving the customer experience. Through a combination of the first 5 goals, service departments using GetTransparency make more money off their current client base while bringing in new, loyal customers.

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