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Different Ways to Use Video in Order to Improve Customer Service at Your Dealership

In competitive industries like automotive sales and service, the level of customer service you provide is often the key indicator of your reputation and success. Though there are several things you can do to enhance customer service, such as offering refreshments in the waiting area and hiring the best of the best mechanics and salespeople, implementing video can have a tremendous impact, too. Here’s how.

Show Customers What’s Wrong with Their Cars and Trucks

When customers bring you their vehicles and tell you something is making a noise or they aren’t sure why the car keeps overheating, they are putting at least some faith in you that you will find the problem, repair it, and charge them fairly – even if they know nothing about their own vehicle. For many consumers, this can be tough, especially if they have friends and family who feel they were “burned” by service departments in the past. Video can set customers’ minds at ease by allowing your service technicians to record a video of both the issue and an explanation of that issue, which enhances transparency and honesty. In turn, your customers truly feel like VIPs. 

Send Customers Videos of the Cars They Want

On the other hand, if you have customers shopping for new vehicles at your dealership, video can also help you improve customer service enough to make the sale. Many people prefer shopping online because they aren’t sure about the “pushy” sales tactics that some dealerships use, but with video, you can give them the perfect solution. Your salespeople can introduce themselves via video and show that it is their duty to help customers find the right cars for their needs – not sell them cars they don’t need. They can then send customers videos of cars that match the criteria given online or in person via video, which can improve customer service a great deal and build some serious rapport

Give Customers Something New

In many communities – and especially in larger cities – customers can choose from several dealerships all offering the same inventory at roughly the same price. In cases like these, you need to be different somehow to gain their attention. This is the best time to give potential buyers access to a video of a car they’re interested in knowing more about. Think about it like this: many dealers think they must get the customer physically on the lot to make a sale when all they need to do is wow the customer to allow the sale to make itself. Customers will even drive out of their way if they feel appreciated and confident that you have exactly what they want. 

Video is a fantastic tool for vehicle dealerships in these ways and more. Whether you want to wow customers from afar to attract them to your car lot to buy, help customers choose the best car for their individual needs, or show customers the issue their cars or trucks are having before the repairs are made, these things can help your business grow a great deal.