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With TruVideo, your service department can greatly improve communication with customers while creating trust in the repair process.

TruVideo is a platform that allows vehicle service departments to send custom videos to clients that actually show their vehicle’s repair needs. This allows customers to see what their car needs with confidence that the information shown is legitimate. Seeing is believing!


Trust the Numbers

Our extensive results prove customers significantly prefer video and texting communication over outdated methods such as phone calls and emails.


bump in CSI


increase in dollars per RO


improvement in show rate for sales prospects


average videos viewed per account per month

All-In-One Communication Platform

Created with video at our core, TruVideo contains all the tools that your dealership needs to provide trusted and effective customer engagement wrapped up into one platform.


The custom branded HD quality videos created via a smartphone can be sent as a text message straight to your customers’ phones.

Through the video, the technician can speak directly to the customer to explain their diagnosis, which most customers have never experienced before. Technicians are rarely in front of the customer, but statistics show that customers find the review more credible when it comes directly from the technicians vs. the advisors. This allows customers to get to know your team personally and in response build more confidence in your service department overall.

HD Vide0


TruVideo has an integrated 2-way texting platform that allows you to text customers your video evaluations and have them received wherever your customers are.

90% of text messages sent to customers are read within 3 minutes. This allows for immediate and concise repair reviews which lead to a quicker response. Texting with TruVideo is not only instant but is also done with privacy in mind. The staff does not have to share their personal numbers or save customer numbers. All information remains within the TruVideo platform. Customers don’t need to download any app.


With the TruEstimate feature, advisors are able to quickly and easily create estimates for customers to accept or decline recommended work directly through their phones.

Where service videos provide transparency, digital estimates immediately allow customers to review the costs involved with their repair and choose to approve only the work they want. Many opt to fix the most pressing issues as well as regularly scheduled maintenance items now that they can really see what needs to be done. Digital estimate approval is then sent to the staff who can begin the necessary work as soon as possible. This combination of video and estimate builds customer satisfaction by putting them in charge and reduces the time it takes to get an answer from the customer.

Play Video

Play Video


TruVideo supports mobile pay methods.

Customers can pay for service repairs directly from their phones with a choice of mobile pay methods. TruVideo accepts them all. Mobile payment transactions can be completed much quicker than card or cash payments. This contactless transaction allows the customer to pay for their service on their own schedule while allowing the service team to focus on building a relationship with the customer, rather than swiping cards at their desk.


Condition Report

Writing down scratches and dings on paper to document the condition of a customer’s vehicle or loaner car is outdated and often contested.

With TruVideo, dealerships are now able to accurately and thoroughly create and record a complete 360 degree view of the condition of every vehicle that arrives on their lot, as well as the status it is in when it is returned to the customer. With a high resolution video of each vehicle’s condition, customer damage complaints will disappear.

Not only does TruVideo enable personnel to text the customer, it also facilitates communication within the dealership, creating a stronger team environment.

Communication is vitally important for businesses to work efficiently and be as productive as possible. With TruVideo, the dealership staff can engage in individual and group messaging. TruVideo works through a phone or a computer, so your staff will always have access no matter where they are or what they are doing. With more thorough and active communication among employees, morale and performance rise!

Play Video

Play Video

TruChat Tool Sales

TruReports provides dealerships with real-time analytics on utilization, customer sentiment, and engagement.

Easily view your customer’s pulse and comments, NPS score, RO $, videos taken, viewed, shared, and more. The comprehensive dashboard screen enables users to view key revenue and communication metrics and to download reports at the click of a button. TruReports provides access to actionable information, allowing dealer personnel the ability to see where they stand, act on deficiencies and respond to issues quickly.


TruAcademy will quickly get your team trained and using TruVideo!

TruVideo’s LMS (Learning Management System) is an interactive instructional curriculum that will ensure your team knows all the ins-and-out to using the platform. With different courses for Technicians and Advisors/Managers, TruAcademy starts from the basics of logging into TruVideo for the first time, and builds into all the best practices and technical know-how of the platform. The animated LMS is entertaining, thorough, and provides real examples of how to effectively use Truvideo. By completing the course, each team member will earn their certification, allowing your team to jumpstart their usage of TruVideo.

TruInspect is an electronic multipoint inspection (eMPI) tool for creating a seamless digital inspection process.

TruInspect is integrated with the entire TruVideo platform allowing technicians to record inspection information in a color-coded template. Inspections are automatically shared with the Service Advisor to create a quote, or share with the customer. No more stack of papers, just easy scrolling on a phone! Digital MPI brings consistency and transparency to the inspection process.