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Comparing TruVideo Vs. PocketExpert

Are you looking for a video and texting platform for your dealership? Learn more about what makes TruVideo stand out from PocketExpert and many other competitors.

When comparing apps such as TruVideo versus PocketExpert, the TruVideo mobile and web application offers more flexibility, a more robust product, exceptional customer service, and more. PocketExpert is a web-based solution only (not a mobile application) and therefore comes with challenges. The solution relies mostly on texting and the user taking a native video and uploading it to the web. TruVideo is rooted in our video offering for our customers that is a leader in the industry, while PocketExpert does not offer any ability to connect with your customers through video without additional add ons. The ability to connect with your customers through video is a true differentiator between TruVideo and competitors such as PocketExpert.

While PocketExpert is a service that is based in text messaging, TruVideo offers video messaging, text messaging and email to connect you to your customers. With TruVideo, your service technicians can shoot and send video to your customers so they can see exactly what needs to be repaired and understand why. In one or two videos, you can earn customer loyalty that once took years to build, an ability not offered with the PocketExpert core offering.

Unlike PocketExpert, TruVideo offers exceptional fully branded HD videos that are sent as a link via text message to your customer. With just a few taps, the customer receives the optimal communication experience. Technicians can build trust by sharing details directly with the customer, and sales professionals can send walkarounds to prospects unable to visit in person. TruVideo has always focused on the video aspect of the product, which is the core reason why it stands apart from all competitors including PocketExpert. Video is one of the most consumable forms of communication that modern day customers want and prefer, which is why TruVideo is a clear choice for having full transparency with your customers.

  • TruVideo is a platform that specializes in the automobile industry and TruVideo’s team consists of former automotive technicians and service managers who have had hands-on experience in the field their product is built for.
  • TruVideo offers flexibility, a more robust product, exceptional customer service and more. Get the results you want with TruVideo. To learn more about why TruVideo is superior to all competitors read TruVideo’s full feature list.
  • TruVideo also offers TruChat, a complete internal chat platform that allows everyone in your organization to communicate easily through one app. This enables your teams to collaborate and get answers to time sensitive questions. TruChat is more of an instant messenger platform that is easy to use unlike the less-advanced text messaging service that PocketExpert offers their customers.

Customers on this platform typically switch because they don’t see the kind of benefit and revenue increase as it is hard to take a high volume of videos.

A few of the features that make TruVideo stand out from their peers:

  • Unlimited number of videos
  • DMS integration
  • Reporting (including upsell)
  • Customer 2-way texting
  • Desktop notifications
  • Simple to learn and use
Companies see an increase in 25-30% in customer pay labor on average

Here is a detailed comparison of critical features of TruVideo vs. PocketExpert for automotive car dealerships for their service and sales departments:

  • Superior Features: TruVideo allows for push notifications when on mobile and fast upload speeds. TruVideo provides text message deliverability stats that let you know when the message has been opened and the video has been viewed. PocketExpert, on the other hand, does not offer these important features.
  • The PocketExpert solution might experience challenges with longer videos timing out during upload, and if you have poor connectivity, then the solution might show an error.
  • The security of the TruVideo app is fully approved by Apple and Google, which does not apply to PocketExpert.
  • TruVideo provides a 5-star user experience without selecting your video mode every time you want to take a video, which is the case for PocketExpert. TruVideo also has an offline mode allowing to take videos while being offline, which is another feature that differentiates TruVideo from PocketExpert.
  • Videos sent by TruVideo are of the highest quality since it is being recorded and sent through the TruVideo app and hosted on the TruVideo server. Videos sent by Pocket Export experience a lower quality since the quality is dependent on the mobile and wifi network.
  • TruVideo offers superior support around the clock vs. limited support available through PocketExpert.

When comparing apps such as TruVideo versus PocketExpert, TruVideo offers critical features, more flexibility, a more robust product, exceptional customer service, and more. Get the results you need with TruVideo to grow your revenue per repair order, increase your sales closing ratio and improve your CSI score.

To learn more about why TruVideo is superior to all competitors, including PocketExpert, read TruVideo’s full feature list.

The history of TruVideo and PocketExpert shows why TruVideo has been a superior product from the company’s start.

TruVideo’s team consists of former automotive technicians and service managers who have had hands-on experience in the field their product is built for. PocketExpert, on the other hand, lacks the same expertise in the automotive industry.

TruVideo is a superior option compared with PocketExpert because, at their core, PocketExpert was made to be a texting solution. Unlike TruVideo who built their platform with video at the foundation, video features are simply an add-on to PocketExpert. This difference manifests itself in the superior video capabilities within the TruVideo platform.

PocketExpert doesn’t stack up to TruVideo. TruVideo understands your needs and the value of communication and transparency with your customers. The best way to see how you can customize TruVideo’s features to fit your business goals and take your company to the next level is to book a demo with a TruVideo expert and see for yourself the power of the app.

TruVideo Can Help Dealerships Increase Their CSI Score by over 15% and Revenue per Repair Order by 30%

TruVideo is a platform that can help you significantly improve your CSI score by developing increased trust with your customers with seamless communication with them throughout their entire process with your company. TruVideo allows you to increase your CSI score with improved communication, video texting, and a personalized customer experience designed to save time, money and increase efficiency.

Your CSI can improve with TruVideo with the video capabilities, featuring a technician that can speak directly to the customer to explain their diagnosis, which most customers have never experienced before. Technicians are rarely in front of the customer, but statistics show that customers find the review more credible when it comes directly from the technicians vs. the advisors. This allows customers to get to know your team personally and, in response, build more confidence in your service department overall, which will help influence your CSI score and improve the customer experience from start to finish.

TruVideo was built by a dealer principal and has always focused on being the simplest to use video app on the market. They understand that implementation is critical and work with their customers to ensure their rollout is a success.

Start Using TruVideo’s Innovative Video and Texting Platform at Your Dealership