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Different Ways Car Dealer Service Departments Can Use Video to Be Better

Car Dealerships VideoNo matter where you live, it seems that there’s a car dealership and service provider on just about every single corner. In order to stand out and help your business grow, you will always need to strive to do better and be better than your competitors. Below, you will discover a few different ways you can use video to do just that in every single auto dealership service department


Selling cars in a saturated industry is tough, especially when there’s a competitor everywhere you turn. The sales department is at the front of your business. They’re the faces your customers see the most, and they are responsible for generating your revenue, too. Video is a phenomenal tool for your sales team. With it, they can give customers virtual tours of your lots, and they can even give a detailed overview of a specific automobile that may suit their individual needs. It takes your sales team minutes to capture a video, and your customers will thank you for the convenience. 


If your dealership also offers service, video is also a blessing. Rather than asking your customers to take your word for problems, your service team can record a video to show them the problem and explain the repair. Again, it takes only a few minutes, and it helps to build trust with your customers. Customers are far more likely to agree to repairs when they can see and understand the issue at hand, and they are also far more likely to return when they need additional service. Aside from this, thanks to the trust you build, those customers will also recommend your team to their families, friends, and colleagues. 


Your financing team not only helps get your customers approved for auto loans, but it also collects payments from customers and oversees service contracts. Though customers need to be physically present to sign loan documents, they do not have to be present to approve service contracts, and thanks to today’s technology, they don’t even have to be present to pay for their repairs. Video is a wonderful tool, even for finance teams, to help make sure customers understand exactly what they have agreed to and build trust with customers. 

Car Loans and Rentals

Most of today’s auto service companies offer their customers loaner cars to use while their own cars are being repaired, and that brings about a brand new set of concerns. Condition reports are crucial since they allow you to keep track of each loaner and rental car and bill the appropriate person for any damages. You can take a video of every single loaner or rental right before the customer drives it off the lot, then take another video the second the car returns. This serves as a damage and condition log that you can use to help ensure you are treating your customers fairly. 

In today’s technological day and age, there are many ways for car dealerships and service providers to utilize video not only to their own advantage, but also to the advantage of their customers. It protects your best interests while building trust with your customers at the same time, and that is the perfect recipe for growth and success.