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TruVideo builds trust through transparency across all departments of a dealership. TruVideo can be used for highlighting the results of the multipoint inspection, showcasing a new or used vehicle, or even recording the condition of a loaner fleet. Along with recording videos, TruVideo has a complete two-way texting platform to allow for efficient and seamless communication with your customers.

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Our Full Product Suite.

Trust is a foundational part of any transaction. This is true for dealerships, service providers, and car rental services. Virtually any exchange with hard earned money involved will require trust from both parties involved. That’s why we’ve build TruVideo and all our of services found in our suite. Each of which is designed to make trust and transparency an integral part of the equation.

As a service provider you can take a personalized video for your customer. In 5 clicks of a smartphone, a video can be recorded, reviewed, and sent to a customer using no more than a smartphone and TruVideo. Customers do not need any special apps or services. As a dealership you can give a virtual walk through of a car or provide condition reporting for loaners.


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