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5 Tips for Providing a Visual Tour of an Automobile via Video

Not very long ago, the only way a consumer could see a vehicle he or she was thinking about purchasing was by visiting the dealership and talking with a salesperson who could answer questions face-to-face. Now, thanks to the internet and innovations like TruVideo, video tours of automobiles have replaced much of the in-person interaction, saving consumers time and effort. Here are five tips for providing an awesome auto tour via video that your customers will appreciate.

#1 – Make a Test Video

The wonderful thing about today’s smartphones is their ability to take high-quality video with nothing more than a single tap of the screen. Before recording an “official” tour for a customer or even for your website, take the time to make a test video. High-definition video is best, and you may want to consider utilizing a microphone that clips to your shirt rather than the built-in microphone on your device. The sound quality is typically much better.

#2 – Keep it Short

While it’s tempting to make 10-minute videos about cars – and it’s easily done, especially if you’re excited about that particular model – consumers will get bored pretty quickly. The most effective tour videos are anywhere from one to three minutes long. This is just long enough to show off the most important positives and negatives, but not so long you are likely to lose the potential buyers’ interest.

#3 – Personalize It

Though the focus of the video needs to be the car, the narration is important. Rather than staying behind the scenes where the viewer can only hear you, put on a smile and show them your face. Introduce yourself at the very beginning and show the viewers why you are so very passionate about this vehicle. By doing this, not only is your video going to be more engaging, but it will also make your dealership more credible.

#4 – Don’t Complicate Things

As you show off the important features, take a five-second pause between each one to allow the viewer to process what he or she just saw. Then, move on to the next important feature. If you are talking about are part or issue that a customer likely isn’t familiar with, make sure you explain what you are talking about in the simplest terms possible.

#5 – Show Off the Right Parts of the Car

When highlighting a specific vehicle, there are a few things you will want to make sure you highlight in your video. The first is a full walkaround of the vehicle’s exterior from eye level. The second is a video that shows the interior from the driver’s seat, from the backseat, and from each side. The goal is to help the viewer imagine himself or herself inside the car, so be as detailed as possible. You might even consider a glimpse under the hood to talk about the drivetrain and fuel economy and be sure that you focus in on any safety features, such as side-curtain airbags, stop assist, or rear-view cameras.

Today’s consumers appreciate visual video tours because they allow them to see a car up close and personal without having to go to all the trouble to drive to a dealership. Following these steps will help you provide potential buyers with exactly what they want and build trust at the same time, and when you choose TruVideo for all your video recording and communication needs, it’s simpler than you would imagine, as well.