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Xenia AI

Turning customers into friends.

Introducing Xenia AI Virtual Assistant

TruVideo has created a new standard for virtual assistants with Xenia AI. From the Greek word for “guest-friendship”, Xenia extends the concept of hospitality to every customer phone call before, during and after regular business hours.

Why do dealers need a Virtual Assistant?

The biggest issue in service departments today isn’t a technology problem. It’s a human capital problem. Human beings can’t execute two phone calls at once or remember every customer’s preferences or even follow brand guidelines correctly every time. And that leads to:

  • Missed calls
  • Endless time on hold
  • Misinformation
  • Unanswered questions
  • Frustration
  • Poor customer experience
  • Untapped revenue
  • Loss of trust

Current Gen I and Gen II Virtual Assistants are limited

Virtual assistant technology isn’t new, but it hasn’t advanced much since it first became available. The current iterations offer:

  • Less conversational-decision tree technology
  • Few or no language options besides English
  • No deep integrations, not part of the Service Ecosystem
  • Impersonal or non-responsive tone
  • Unsatisfying or incomplete information

Xenia AI is a Gen 3 Virtual Assistant

TruVideo has made a huge leap in technology with Xenia AI. For the first time, a virtual assistant actually feels human.


  • A conversational voice that grasps the customer’s intentions intuitively without necessitating specific verbal cues or button selections on their phone—Xenia AI is not a decision tree.
  • Speaks 52 languages, with the ability to seamlessly toggle back and forth between languages in the same conversation.
  • Remembers customer preferences, e.g. what name you like to be called.
  • Simple escalations to a human staff member when the situation requires. For example, if someone calls and says their engine is smoking, Xenia will say, “Let me connect you to someone who can help” and immediately transfer the call to an advisor.

Xenia AI in Action

You’ve got to see it to believe it. Explore real conversations—in English, French & Spanish—between Xenia AI and customers.