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What is Video Texting and How Can it Improve Productivity for Your Dealership?

Video texting is a new way to communicate that is becoming increasingly popular, especially among businesses. In the marketing and sales industry, marketers agree that video marketing is one of the most powerful tools yet. Across the board, customers seem to prefer watching videos. In fact, 66% of people would rather watch a short video than read to learn about a product.

Video texting takes video marketing to the next level by allowing businesses to send video messages directly to customers’ phones. And since most people always have their phones on them, texting with video is an extremely convenient way to reach out and connect with customers. Learn what this tool is and how it can benefit your dealership.

What Is Video Texting?

Video texting is a relatively new technology that allows people to send video messages instead of text messages. This can be useful in a number of situations, but it is particularly well-suited for businesses that need to communicate with their customers on a regular basis, like dealerships.

Video texting is a great way to meet the needs of your customers without having to invest in a lot of expensive equipment or software. All you need is a video camera and an internet connection. This method of texting can be used to communicate with customers about service appointments, specific car sales information or features, and offered specials.

The Benefits of Video Texting

Not only can texting with video improve your productivity, but it can also provide a long list of benefits that can improve your dealership overall. These include:

  • Encourage Customer Interaction: By utilizing texts with video for your customers, you can encourage them to interact with your dealership. This interaction can lead to more car sales by showcasing specific details about a vehicle they’re interested in, and a better overall relationship between your dealership and your customers.

Customers who have service or repairs done will be able to receive real-time updates and a visual of what is going on with their car. They’ll be better engaged with your dealership.

  • Build Trust: When you use this texting system, your customers can see for themselves what the concerns are and the need for a service or repair. You’ll be able to point out specific things in the video of the work that needs to be done that would otherwise be difficult to explain by text or over a phone call alone. For instance, small parts under the hood or between small spaces.

And when providing video for car sales, the customer will be able to view the exact features and layout of the car they’re requesting before coming in for a test drive. This personal touch can go a long way toward building trust and rapport with your customers. 

  • Cost Effective: Video texts are a very cost-effective way to communicate with your customers. In addition, texting this way can help you build better relationships with your customers.
  • Increase Communication: Video texting allows you to communicate more effectively with your customers. You can quickly and easily share detailed information with them, bypassing the need to type out a long, descriptive email about what the repairs entail or play phone tag back and forth. 

The created videos can also be viewed and shared multiple times, allowing spouses or other people to understand exactly what is happening with the vehicle. Gone are the days of miscommunication or being on different levels of understanding.

How Video Texting Improves Your Dealership’s Efficiency and Productivity

There are several ways that texts with video can improve your dealership’s efficiency and productivity. By using this resource, you can:

  • Enhance Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction: By sending video texts to your customers, you can save time and reduce the number of anxious customers waiting for repairs to be done on their vehicles. If customers are kept up-to-date on the status of their vehicles, they’ll be more understanding and less likely to become irritable.
  • Improve Customer Service: Video texts can help you deliver better customer service. You can quickly answer customer questions about a car they’re interested in purchasing or about a necessary service they need to have done. You can provide personalized messages with video messaging, which can significantly improve satisfaction levels.
  • Reduce Response Time: Rather than typing long text messages or having to pause processes to speak to the customer in person or by phone about the repairs, video texting can help reduce the time it takes to respond to customers by sending a short video.

Improve Your Dealership’s Productivity with TruVideo

If you’re looking for an effective communication solution that can help improve your dealership’s productivity, TruVideo can help you get started. Our video texting platform integrates seamlessly into your dealership’s existing workflow, making it easy to start communicating effectively with your customers. Book a demo to learn more about implementing this system for your dealership.