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What Is a TruVideo Multipoint Inspection?

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TruVideo is an app that records short, high-quality videos, and transmits those recordings to recipients by text and/or email. It’s used primarily by auto technicians to send multi point vehicle inspection videos to customers. Sending a video vehicle inspection to customers can increase trust and keep the customer informed, allowing the customer to play an active role in the repair of their vehicle. This builds customer loyalty and increases trust with the customer by keeping them informed through the transparency of video.

How TruVideo Works

TruVideo creates custom branded HD quality videos via a smartphone. The video for customers can be sent as a text message and/or emails straight to their smartphone (iPhone or Android).

Through the video, the technician can speak directly to the customer. The video allows the mechanic to explain the diagnosis, show the recipient what’s really wrong and provide examples of what a healthy car part should look like. In the car service video, the mechanic can show the customer the parts of the car that are affected by the part that’s having trouble, so the customer can understand the holistic functioning of their vehicle. The customer can see first-hand how one part can cause another part to fail, and why the repair needs to be performed.

Solving an Age-Old Problem

It’s long been known that typical consumers harbor distrust toward professionals in the auto-repair industry. Just about everyone has a story about a mechanic that did them wrong. But why are these stories so common – and what can be done about them?

Automotive News reports that the four main reasons for distrust between customers and their mechanics can be broken down as follows:

  • 49% of customers have concern that the automotive service will not be finished correctly
  • 63% report a previous negative experience with a mechanic
  • 73% report that they were previously overcharged for services
  • 76% report that they feel their mechanic had recommended unnecessary services

The question is: why were so many customers left feeling this way? How many of these unsatisfied customers didn’t have to feel bad about their car repair experience?

Many consumers miss out on a crucial step of the car repair process. After dropping off their vehicle with the mechanic, they receive a phone call from someone with a brief explanation of the part that needs to be repaired. Often, the person they speak to is not the person who inspected the vehicle.

The customer might be told why the part needs repair, but understanding these conversations can be difficult, especially if the customer has little-to-no knowledge of how their vehicle works. Customers are forced to take the word of the mechanic on faith alone, and for some, this can be challenging. They find themselves wondering: is this truly the problem with my car? Am I truly getting a good deal? Is this person being up-front with me, and does this person really know what they’re talking about?

This flaw in the process leads to distrust. People find it easier to believe what they see more than they believe what others tell them.

How TruService Multipoint Inspections Boost Customer Trust

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Technicians are rarely in front of the customer, but statistics show that customers find the review more credible when it comes directly from the technicians vs. the advisors. TruVideo allows customers to hear directly from the person who performed the work on the vehicle. There are many reasons that this helps boost consumer trust.

Build a Bond

The more that your customers can get to know your team, the more bonded they’ll feel to the people working on their vehicle. The videos add a personal touch to the vehicle inspection process. Through the video, the customer can hear their mechanic’s voice, listen to their mechanic’s concern, and view their mechanic as a person – not as a distant figure in the background. This attention helps build confidence in your service department overall.

Customers Can See for Themselves

TruVideo inspections allow customers to see for themselves what the person on the phone may have a hard time describing. They can see the measuring tools that indicate their car isn’t performing as it should. They can see the part that is broken, how it is broken, and how that part connects to other parts. They can see that the mechanic has not misidentified a problem, nor is the mechanic making up a story that is not to be believed. The proof is right there in front of them.

Inspection Process is Transparent

By watching the multipoint inspection video, customers can see that the inspection process is transparent. The customer can see what the mechanic has (and has not) done.

Customer Trust Builds Faster

It can take customers years to develop a trusting relationship with their mechanic. It takes repeated positive experiences for the customer to develop the sense that, yes, this mechanic is honest and straightforward. It takes far less time for a consumer to develop this trust when they can see first-hand the issues that plague their vehicle.

Customers Learn Something About Their Vehicle

Many people don’t know how their car works, how the parts relate to each other or what the underside of their vehicle looks like. Through TruVideo Multipoint Inspections, customers become smarter consumers who are better able to understand what has gone wrong with their vehicle. With help from videos, customers develop confidence in their mechanic and in themselves.

Customers Can Communicate In a Way that is Convenient For Them

Our extensive results prove customers significantly prefer video car inspection and texting and email communication over outdated methods such as phone calls and emails.

  • YouTube reports that 70% of YouTube video consumption occurs on mobile devices.
  • The average person spends about 40 minutes per day watching YouTube on their mobile device.
  • 90% of consumers overall watch videos on their mobile devices.

Clearly, video is a consumable format for smartphone users. TruVideo sets up mechanics to communicate with customers where they’re at.

TruVideo All-In-One Communication Platform Works

TruVideo allows customers to see what their car needs with confidence. TruVideo is good for customer service and customer engagement. Once they’ve watched the videos, customers know that the information given to them by their mechanic is legitimate. Seeing is believing! Book a demo today with TruVideo to see how our video solution can help you build more trust with your customers right away!