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Walser TruService – Case Study

TruVideo Increases Customer Service Ratings for Walser Automotive Service Department Resulting in a 37% Increase in Business.

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Our Goals and Objectives

The most significant barrier service departments face is a lack of consumer trust.

Understanding that most people struggle to believe what they cannot see, understand, or verify, Walser sought to bridge the gap of communication and education in order to increase customer assurance and create loyalty to their service department.


Walser Automotive Group implemented TruVideo’s TruService Video & Texting and TruEstimate solutions in their St. Paul, MN Subaru store starting in March 2020.  Using TruVideo, technicians and advisors began to virtually connect customers to the service process by increasing visibility, transparency, and communication through video and text.

This made their customers partners in the process by allowing them to see their vehicle’s issues firsthand and therefore more confidently provide approval for repairs. Customers could rewatch a video as many times as needed, review their estimates, receive status updates, and pay straight from their mobile phone.



TruVideo’s core product is a video and texting platform that works on a smartphone and is designed specifically for service departments.

With TruService, service technicians can record and send a custom video to the customer highlighting the health of their vehicle. Along with videos, TruService allows customers to respond directly to staff via text about their assessments and to quickly receive answers to any questions about their vehicle. The TruService platform includes unlimited video, DMS Integration, Mobile Pay, and Live Status Dashboard.


As an additional TruVideo product, TruEstimate is a simple estimate creator that works in conjunction with TruService.

It allows advisors or technicians to easily create estimates for customers. Customers can then accept or decline each recommendation from their phone or desktop. Where service videos provide transparency, these estimates empower customers to choose the essential work needed for their vehicle and either approve or decline preventative work with a few clicks. The combination of video and estimates create a positive experience for the customer while driving up revenue per RO.


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The success from the St. Paul Subaru store prompted the adoption of TruVideo in all Walser’s 20+ Minnesota and Kansas locations. They are now sending an average of 10,000 videos and estimates per month across all their locations. 
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The videos are used by customers for engagement, education, verification, approval, and payments. This resulted in a 37% increase in dollars per RO, as well as a significant increase in service hours and CSI.
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With the help of TruVideo’s dedicated training and support, the adoption of video and texting by the service department was quickly implemented. While the platform is usable by any staff member, Walser opted to have technicians create the videos in order to provide their expert assessments verbally and visually.
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Customers have shown an overwhelmingly positive response to hearing (and seeing) directly from the technicians.  And, the technicians have found that the sooner the customer gets their video and estimate, the sooner the work can be approved. For Walser, this has reduced the time technicians spend waiting for customer responses and lessened the need to swap out cars when decisions are delayed. This is a win-win for customers and the service department!

“Since implementing TruVideo, customer pay dollars per RO have seen a major increase as has customer satisfaction. This is because the customers have a direct connection to the technician and can see the issues for themselves. This increased communication and transparency invites the customer into the process and the response has just been phenomenal.”

Peter SwensonSVP Dealership Operations

“I just watched the video and it’s really cool watching all the work get done. Nice feature. Awesome!”

Walser CustomerSept. 16, 2020

“I love these videos! Really cool behind the scenes look at your service!”

Walser CustomerSept. 22, 2020

“First time we’ve ever had a video of one of our car’s in for service!”

Walser CustomerSept. 11, 2020

Walser Automotive Group has been family owned and operated in Minnesota for over 60 years where they pioneered their “Best Price First” philosophy. Walser offers the lowest price they can on every vehicle from the start: no hassle or haggle required.

Walser invests in organizations, initiatives, and causes that support people in the communities where they live and work. Walser Automotive Group donates 5% of pre-tax earnings to the Walser Foundation and is a proud member of the Minnesota Keystone Program.

About TruVideo

TruVideo has been built by a dealer principal and has always focused on being the simplest to use video app on the market. They understand that implementation is key and work with their customers to ensure their rollout is a success.

A proprietary video and texting platform helps customers to see and understand each dealers’ services and products better than ever before. So, dealers build trust and get to “yes” faster.