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Communication is changing. Technology is making that change faster and easier. Customers are becoming comfortable with different ways to consume content, and their behaviors are evolving. All of this is creating an inflection point for businesses to create better customer experiences, build trust, and grow revenue. It is an incredible time in history where, through technology, we can finally deliver trust to our customers. Video communication and texting has created this unique opportunity.

In the service and sales industries, the customer experience can be directly linked to how well or how poorly businesses communicate. We are now seeing just the tip of the iceberg on how powerful communication can be.

In addition to these great customer experiences, and as this type of communication evolves, we will continue to learn how to track and measure its effectiveness. Whether it is the view rates, the length, or specific comments, there will be much more to come as this type of communication will become the norm on how industries connect with their customers.

We are excited to see how it all unfolds. One thing for sure, we will always push the envelope, talk to customers, observe trends, and measure effectiveness. We get two bites of the apple with video communication: great revenue and successful CX.


TruVideo is an innovative technology leader in the Transportation industry, providing cutting-edge solutions for video, text, and engagement data. Top companies partner with TruVideo because of their proven success with increasing ROI and NPS. TruVideo’s all-in-one communication suite is streamlining internal and external communications, creating more satisfied employees, and creating happier customers. With the insights gained from more than 7 million videos viewed, TruVideo’s goal is to share insights that optimize the modern customer experience (CX). Headquartered in Massachusetts, the TruVideo leadership team’s pursuit of excellence in video, CX, technology, analytics, training, and support is unwavering as it is fueled by a single mission to solve trust and transparency in consumer engagement.

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The ROVI report is designed to explain how video communication is changing the way sales and service businesses in transportation connect with their customers.