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Rihm Kenworth – Case Study

Rihm Kenworth decreases response time and increases RO approvals with TruVideo.

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Commercial Truck driving down a road

By integrating TruVideo software into the Decisiv SRM platform, Rihm Kenworth is able to communicate with customers in rural areas who prefer text messages to emails.

Rihm Kenworth has seven locations across Minnesota, Wisconsin and South Dakota. They have two locations in large, metropolitan areas, but the other five are in more remote parts of those states. And while the metro locations service a lot of truck fleets, the rural locations see mostly farm equipment–tractors, balers, harvesters, etc. Most of the people who operate this equipment are rarely at a desk or checking email on their phones. They’d drop off their vehicle and then head out into their fields to work, essentially becoming unreachable. This resulted in an excess of dwell time, which cost Rihm Kenworth service centers time and money.

By adding TruVideo’s video and messaging software to the Decisiv SRM platform, Rihm Kenworth wants to decrease response time and increase RO approvals with its rural customers. Rihm Kenworth revamped its standard operating procedure to incorporate the capabilities of the TruVideo software in each of its seven locations. Now when customers bring their vehicle in for service, they receive a text message with a link to their inspection video. Previously, they had only received an email, which many customers were not in a position to read or respond to. With the TruVideo messaging feature, customers have the option to ask questions, share the video or approve the RO, all by text.

“We get lots of comments, sent back via the texting mechanism. 'Just great. Love it. Let's do it. This is so cool. I didn't know you guys could do that.' Everybody that's seen it is excited to get more videos.”

Kenny HuffRegional Service Operations Manager, Rihm Kenworth

The Results?

  • Over 50% decrease in dwell time
  • 78% increase in labor sales on ROs with video
  • 134% increase on parts sold on ROs with video
  • 17% increase in tech effective labor rates
  • Streamline warranty returns processing
  • Fewer issues with customers over final bills
  • Faster estimate approvals