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New TruVideo Video’s Available

Take a look at some of our promotional videos as well as videos recorded by shop technicians for customers. Here you’ll get the feel for YOUR customer’s experience with TruVideo and your commitment to transparency and excellence. View our Co-Founder, Joe Shaker, explain the foundation of TruVideo and our Transparency mission.

Do customers REALLY like receiving videos?

One of our TruVideo clients, posted that question on Facebook to their customers.  It’s no surprise, customers like receiving the videos.

“I love those videos. It shows me exactly what was checked and what may be in need of attention. It makes everything so much easier to understand.” – Alicia, Watertown CT

“Shows me attention to detail and that the service people care.” – Jonathan, Watertown CT

Marketing Ideas to Try This Month

  • Target customers with older vehicles and offer them a Free Video Inspection and a discount on any recommended services performed.  A TruVideo client did just that and saw a 73% higher Customer Pay per RO on these customers than their average Customer Pay per RO.
  • If you live in a part of the country where Winter can do wonders to your car, why not create a video giving customers tips on how to prepare their car for Winter.  You can share this video on social media or create one that gets shared with service customers while they wait for their car.  Be sure to offer tips that are not just “sales” related, so the material is more shareable.
    • What to keep in your trunk in the Winter
    • Why tire pressure matters
    • Snow tires – are they worth it?
    • Have your battery tested

Are you using TruVideo to it’s fullest potential?

  • Unlimited Video’s! (we had one dealer send out 1800 service video’s in just one month
  • Take photo’s while videoing – this allows customers to zoom in on a specific feature or issue
  • Reporting – are you looking at your reports daily, weekly or monthly?  The more often you review them, the sooner you can fix any issues.  Take advantage of the schedule report feature to make sure you review them daily!
  • Don’t forget, TruVideo allows you to also text images and PDF’s, which is very helpful to the customer.
  • Social – TruVideo is integrated with social media.

If you have questions about any of these features or need a refresher on how to use them, call our TruVideo support @ (781) 819-0125.