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A video condition report saves money and hassles.

As a Service Manager, Fixed Ops Director, GM or Owner, you may spend thousands of dollars each month addressing customer damage claims.
How often do you hear “you scratched/dented my car while it was in here for service”? You know that most of these are bogus, but you don’t have an accurate way to defend yourself, and the old way of marking down scratches and dents with lines, circles and X’s on a pancake version of a car is just poor.
Create a TruVideo walk around condition report of the car while it is still in the drive line. The 45-second video will document any pre-existing scrapes, dents or dings. You store it in the cloud, and most of the time you will never retrieve it. But, when that customer accuses your team of damaging their vehicle, you can pull it up and show them that the blemish was already there when they drove in that morning.
a mechanic is pointing to an identified scratch on carLexus of Northborough, just outside of Boston, figures they save $3500/month in customer claims. As you know, you can’t fix a ding or a dent for less than $500 a pop. And the last thing you want to do is get into an argument with the customer when all you have is a circle drawn on a pancake outline of a car that is supposed to represent a dent.
It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. A no-nonsense video showing the vehicle condition and spending a bit more time on the dents and scratches is all it takes. We recommend you zoom in on the problem areas, describe what you are seeing in a narrative and put your finger in the frame to demonstrate the size of the issue.
We know that some customers will see the valet recording the TruVideo condition report and won’t even attempt to claim damage.
On one visit with the Service Manager at the Lexus store they said the following:
“We are three for three this week. Three customers claimed we damaged their car during service. We pulled up their personalized condition report and all three customers walked away without issue!”
Lexus of Northborough also uses the TruVideo platform to record a condition video on each of their 60 loaner cars before they leave the lot. While the customer is sitting in the driver’s seat, ready to leave, they record a quick video showing the car is in good shape and paying special attention to the rims. When the car is returned with a significant scratch or dented rims, they can demonstrate to the customer that it is their responsibility to have it repaired.
So, hold the pancakes, and upgrade your drive line with personalized video to reduce your expenses and improve your customer interactions.