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TruVideo Material Handling

TruVideo Material Handling


Compared to cars and trucks out on the streets, the material handling industry’s main vehicle is forklifts. This army of vehicles is typically behind the scenes in warehouses and distribution centers moving heavy pallets of products and goods off of trucks and shipping containers onto storage shelves, then back into other trucks, and finally into local stores. Just as other vehicles need repairs from wear and tear, forklifts also need routine maintenance checks and repairs. TruVideo saw the need to support this industry and customized it’s platform to encompass the needs for material handling companies. These companies can now benefit the same way auto dealerships do: with transparency, streamlined communication, and trust. 


  • With the TruVideo platform, service departments and technicians can send personalized videos to clients that show their forklifts’ maintenance and repair needs. By finally eliminating the barriers to transparency, shops that use TruVideo improve the entire customer experience and see a 30% increase in customer pay dollars.


  • With the TruEstimate feature, advisors are able to quickly and easily create estimates for customers to accept or decline recommended work directly through their phones. Estimates can be populated from a standard, dealer-specific library of items that include opcodes, descriptions, default pricing, or items that can be created on the fly as needed. Combined with video, TruEstimate increases upsold work and empowers the customer to make an informed decision.


  • Need to check if a part is in stock or communicate with your team? TruVideo created a mobile and desktop communication solution that allows service department personnel to send chat messages one-on-one to a team member or as announcements to the entire department. In addition, a chat channel is created for each Repair Order so that discussions can be automatically segmented around a customer. TruChat reduces the need for inefficient in-person conversations and allows the service department team to interact and respond more quickly.

Condition Report

  • Writing down scratches and dings on paper to document the condition of a forklift is outdated and often contested. With TruVideo, service departments are now able to accurately and thoroughly create and record a complete 360 degree view of the condition of every forklift as well as the status it is in when it is returned to the customer. With a high resolution video of each vehicle’s condition, customer damage complaints will disappear.


  • TruReports provides dealerships with real-time analytics on utilization, customer sentiment, and engagement. Easily view your customer’s pulse and comments, NPS score, RO $, videos taken, viewed, shared, and more.