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There are two types of people we market to. There are customers we want to acquire and customers we already have and want to retain. They require two different messages when marketing to them. It seems when we are acquiring customers we work harder and appreciate each interaction more. Why wouldn’t we when it cost so much to get someone in the door? Once they become our customer, we tend to take them for granted or feel we already achieved our goal. This is a totally wrong mindset. When they stop in or come by, whether it be for service, parts or just to ask a question, those interactions seem administrative.
The mindset of always marketing or making an impression on a customer, ESPECIALLY when we already own them, is the secret sauce. Using video communication is an effective and easy way to make that impression and solidify the relationship with a great experience. It is one of the ONLY ways to execute trust. Sure, marketing people use the terms TRUST and TRANSPARENCY all the time, and loosely, I might add, but no one ever explains how to execute it.  How can I walk the walk while others talk the talk. Video communication not only executes trust (the Holy Grail in any service industry) but allows you to market to customers you already have in a way that promotes more revenue and a fabulous customer experience.
What other tool or process do you have that can achieve all three: trust, customer experience and increased revenue? I would love to know.