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How Better and More Effective Communication Can Streamline Your Service Department

If there’s one thing that can have a detrimental toll on an auto dealership’s service department, it’s miscommunication with customers. Numerous studies and surveys have shown that consumers already struggle to trust auto service companies, so it is critical that you communicate as effectively as possible. In fact, doing so may actually allow you to process and finish more service requests, even as a brand new dealership, ultimately helping your business grow. 

The Problem with Ineffective Communication

Assume for a moment that a customer who knows very little about automobiles recently brought his truck in with a significant problem that caused it to die every time it rolled to a stop. This customer leaves his truck with you for a diagnosis, then goes on about his day. Later, your service team calls this customer to explain that there is an issue with the fuel injection system that is causing his truck to die and explain the extent and cost of the repairs, but that service team member uses terms the customer simply cannot understand and speaks too quickly. 

As a result, the customer simply cannot understand the issue, which means he starts asking questions that the service technician already answered. Then, the technician must repeat herself in an effort to help the customer better understand the issue with the truck and the need for the repairs. What could have been (and should have been) a short phone call has now escalated into a 20-minute explanation, and this has caused the customer to become upset and distrustful. 

When You Implement Better Communication Tools

In this same situation, imagine what would have happened if the service technician could have taken five minutes out of her day to pull out her phone to record a video of the issue for the customer. She could have focused in on the fuel injection system, explained what it should do, and then explained what has gone wrong to prevent it from working as it should. With that explanation out of the way, she could have explained the parts and labor that would go into the repair, and the customer would have been far more likely to understand – and in far less time. What’s more, the customer would likely be appreciative of this personalized attention rather than upset about a lack of understanding. 

This above scenario should always be your goal as an auto dealership service center. You should make certain that your team is going out of its way to treat your customers with care and provide them with the personalized service they deserve. Video is by far the simplest way to explain a customer’s auto issue, and when customers can watch the video and listen as the technician explains the problem, it takes far less time and it actually builds trust and rapport rather than eliminating it. 

The faster you can help your customers understand their issues, the faster you can complete service requests and send customers on their way with a smile rather than frustration. The more this goes on, the more service requests you can complete, and the more positive reviews you will receive. At the end of the day, these two things will go a long way toward helping your business grow.