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Hope is not a plan poster.We are in the heart of budget planning season and owners and managers are asking the Service Manager how much they will grow their business in 2019. Or maybe they are setting a target of 10% or 12% or 15% growth for the service department.
Whatever the process, you can expect goals of double-digit growth in 2019. So then the question becomes, how are you going to achieve those gains? Some Service Managers will say that they hope that the dealership will sell more new cars in the new year and therefore there will be more customers to service. And some independents say that they hope more customers walk through the door. As Joe Shaker, a TruVideo founder, says “hope is not a plan!”
Be the hero in your shop by introducing TruVideo as the solution to your growth problem in 2019. The TruVideo video and texting platform has been proven to work to grow revenue in dealers and independents:
  • Jerry Seiner Chevy (Salt Lake City, UT) grew customer pay hours 22% and their effective labor rate by 5% for a monthly increase in profit of $25,000 on just 685 ROs.
  • A five-store independent (who has asked to be unnamed) grew 30% in 2017.
  • Nelson Mazda (Tulsa, OK) grew their average customer pay labor revenue from $104 to $164 in just three weeks.
On top of helping the service department grow revenue, video has been proven to improve the customer experience, and thus increase loyalty and retention. Here’s a real customer response after viewing their first TruVideo:
“OK the coolest thing I have ever seen as a customer is your company sending me this video! You guys do it right!”
And here is a manufacturer survey response on Service Overall Follow Up:
“The new feature of providing an actual video of the service issue is fantastic! It provides a valuable visual and audio description, as well as a confidence-inspiring confirmation that the problem is legitimate, and that everything is ‘above board’. Modern Mazda is the first company I’ve encountered to utilize this technique, which further assures me that the dealership is looking forward and doing what it takes to stay ahead.”
Customers love the experience and can now see and understand the needed repairs and are more likely to accept the recommendations.
Grab a life line and use video as part of your profit plan for 2019. TruVideo really does work for both the dealer and the independent shop.
Schedule a webinar today to learn more about other customer success stories and how it works for the writer, technician and customer.