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Hello Auto TruService – Case Study

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Our Goals and Objectives

Identifying increased communication as a key growth factor in all areas of auto service, sales, and customer service, Kia of Valencia/Hello Auto Group sought tools to help facilitate communication and build customer engagement. Within the scope of the broader objective, the group identified the specific goals of increasing transparency in the service department, providing a way for customers to engage with technicians directly, and increasing efficiencies within the reconditioning process.


The managers of Hello Auto had utilized TruVideo in their previous dealerships and were familiar with the successful response it yielded from customers. Thus, they implemented TruService, TruEstimates, and TruChat across the entire dealership. In addition to customers receiving a personalized video of all repairs, they offered white-glove service allowing customers to schedule a pickup and drop off of their vehicles. This made it safer for clients to receive services without having to leave their homes. Plus with Mobilepay as a feature, customers could approve and pay for services from their home. Hello Auto in conjunction with TruVideo made sure that every service technician was trained in using this platform.



TruVideo’s core product is a video and texting platform that works on smartphones and is designed specifically for service departments with TruService.

With TruVideo, service departments can greatly improve communication with customers while creating trust in the repair process. The custom branded HD quality videos created via a smartphone can be sent as a text message straight to customers’ phones. TruVideo has an integrated 2-way texting platform that allows dealerships to text customers video evaluations and have them received wherever customers are.


With the TruEstimate feature, advisors are able to quickly and easily create estimates for customers to accept or decline recommended work directly through their phones. Where service videos provide transparency, digital estimates immediately allow customers to review the costs involved with their repair and choose to approve only the work they want. Many opt to fix the most pressing issues as well as regularly scheduled maintenance items now that they can see what needs to be done. The digital estimate approval is then sent to the staff who can begin the necessary work as soon as possible. This combination of video and estimate builds customer satisfaction by putting them in charge while reducing the time it takes to get an answer from the customer. TruVideo also supports mobile pay methods.


Not only does TruVideo enable personnel to text the customer, it also facilitates communication within the dealership, creating a stronger team environment. Communication is vitally important for businesses to work efficiently and be as productive as possible. With TruVideo, dealership staff can engage in individual and group messaging. TruVideo works through a phone or a computer, so staff will always have access no matter where they are or what they are doing. With more thorough and active communication among employees, morale and performance rise!

Writing down scratches and dings on paper to document the condition of a customer’s vehicle or loaner car is outdated and often contested. With TruVideo, the dealerships are now able to accurately and thoroughly create and record a complete 360 degree view of the condition of every vehicle that arrives on their lot, as well as the status it is in when it is returned to the customer. With a high resolution video of each vehicle’s condition, customer damage complaints will disappear.


Kia of Valencia/Hello Auto Group saw dramatic results that had a positive impact throughout the dealership. TruVideo provided Hello Auto a way for their customers to see firsthand their vehicle’s issues. Technicians had the opportunity to present the problems personally without having to rely on a service advisor who might relay misinformation or omit details important to the customer. This built trust through transparency and created more clarity for the consumer, resulting in increased sales. In three months, the group went from $39,000 in monthly customer pay sales to $62,000 while servicing fewer ROs. Hours per customer pay RO grew 57% from .7 hours to 1.1 hours.

Average RO in a chart.

Hello Auto used Truvideo during the Recon process for internal RO’s on every used car trade-in. This resulted in unexpected positive results. The used car manager was able to review and approve service requests from anywhere at any time, which enabled the service department to obtain repair approvals before vehicles had even left the lift. Used cars were turned over quicker: going from a 10 day turnaround rate to a 3 day turnaround rate.

The increased transparency has also positively impacted the group’s CSI by communicating in the way most customers prefer via text and video. Hello Auto’s CSI typically hovered at 900 and increased to 934 since TruVideo was introduced. The group uncovered added benefits that helped positively impact customer satisfaction, such as the ability to communicate in the way most customers prefer via text and video.

Client Response

“The biggest component of TruVideo is the communication tool. The customers can hear directly from a technician and can see the problem for themselves. They can see that it is factual, rather than someone selling them something. That increased transparency is what the industry needs for success.”

Jason GeorgeService Manager

About Hello Auto Group

Hello Auto Group comprises three progressive dealerships: Kia of Valencia and Hello Mazda of Valencia (both located in Santa Clarita, California) and Lake Country Toyota (located in Baxter, Minnesota). Placing a high value on relationships, communication is their highest priority. The company has built a business around an information-rich, shopper-driven approach that puts the customer in the driver’s seat.

About TruVideo

TruVideo has been built by a dealer principal and has always focused on being the simplest to use video app on the market. They understand that implementation is key and work with their customers to ensure their rollout is a success.

A proprietary video and texting platform helps customers to see and understand each dealers’ services and products better than ever before. So, dealers build trust and get to “yes” faster.