Tru Transparency in the Heavy Trucking Industry

Tru Transparency in the Heavy Trucking Industry

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TruVideo’s communication platform is revolutionizing the way heavy trucks are serviced in today’s time-sensitive transportation industry. Our features allow technicians to build lasting customer relationships through personalized video diagnosis, electronic estimates, and text-based communication. This quick and transparent communication reduces regular approval times of 24 hours to now under 10 minutes, getting trucks back on the road in record times. TruVideo can help make your company an industry-leader in customer satisfaction, vehicle service times, and increased revenue.

See the TruResults:

  • Less than 4 minutes: average time between videos being sent and when customers view them.
  • Less than 1 minute: average time between when an estimate is viewed and when customers approve the work.
  • 90% upsell rate on RO’s.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

Wallwork Truck Center

Angie Krause
Service Manager

Lynn Monson
Service Technician


  • Truvideo provides a 360° visual breakdown of any needed truck maintenance or repairs through HD video messages which results in a 30% increase in customer pay and boosted customer confidence.


  • Our proprietary estimate feature provides customers the ability to accept or decline recommended service by individual item. This allows service advisors to quickly and simply create estimates that receive prompt approval coupled by higher profits per RO.


  • It is important for truckers to get back on the road as soon as possible. With TruVideo’s text-based communication platform customers can receive lightning-speed response times and make faster approvals on costly repairs, getting them back on the road faster than ever.


  • TruVideo’s team chat platform allows everyone in your staff to effortlessly communicate about projects by phone or desktop. Never worry about miscommunication or delayed services again, with documented team chats have a team that’s always on the same page and gets things done faster.


  • Any truck service repairs can be fully reviewed and securely paid for right at the click of a button with TruVideo. Accelerate payments and get truckers back on the road sooner, all while promoting contactless payment.