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Recommended Hardware

TruVideo recommends the following hardware package for “shared” and personal devices in the service bays. Some technicians do not own a smartphone and others prefer not to use their personal device for business activities. For “shared” devices, we recommend one device per four technicians.


Apple iPod Touch (32 GB) 7th Generation

The Apple iPod 7th Generation is an excellent device to use for recording videos on the TruVideo app. We recommend purchasing a current version of the iPod (7th generation) so that it will have a few years of life with operating system updates. Apple has discontinued their iPod line of devices, but you may still be able to find one.


Apple – Case

We recommend a case for your iPod to protect the screen and device itself. You can purchase any color, but we recommend red so it stands out on a counter or toolbox.

Amazon option 1 | Amazon option 2 | Amazon option 3

Android – Unlocked Phone

Motorola G Power 5G (2023) 256GB, unlocked phone.

Do not purchase the International version of the Moto G Power 5G phone. Make sure you purchase a version that does not have any offers or ads. These appear cheaper, but cause issues with ads showing up at odd times. Stay away from versions from Boost and other providers. Even though they are a lower price, there are drawbacks. Also, please avoid phones that have a chipset from Mediatek, these tend to cause many issues. The phone should be “unlocked.” You can sometimes find a lower price for refurbished phones, so keep an eye on the title of the product to confirm if it is new or used.

Amazon | Motorola

Android – Case

Moto G Power 5G Case

If looking for a case from another link or if this link is sold out, make sure you are purchasing a case for the Moto G Power 5G phone and not the international version.



“Shoulderpod S1 Professional Smartphone Rig, Tripod Mount, Filmmaker Grip”

This handle can be used with most smart phones. We recommend this grip based on its sturdy construction.


Tire Tread Gauge

The Interstate tire tread gauge is “made for TV” in that it is easier to focus the camera on the gauge than your more traditional stick tire tread gauge.


Brake Feeler Gauge

This common tool in the service bay is metal and very effective in showing the customer brake pad thickness. We recommend you write the thickness for each option with an indelible pen so it is easier for the customer to “see” the difference.


Brake Feeler Gauge

This plastic version of the brake feeler gauge is less expensive than the metal version above. In fact, you can purchase a pack of nine gauges for the same price as one metal version. There is an added benefit of being able to “hook” the gauge from a perpendicular angle. We recommend you write the thickness on each piece with an indelible pen so it is easier for the customer to “see” the difference.


Computer Speakers

Check to make sure that advisors have speakers in order to listen to the narrative from the technicians during video review. We recommend a single speaker to minimize the number of wires. We also recommend that power be provided by the USB connection.