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Great Video Email Ideas for Dealerships Consumers are using video more than ever to make purchasing decisions. Here is a list of ways you can incorporate video in the dealership processes to engage your customers, build trust, enhance their customer’s experience and build long-lasting customer relationships.

Video Walk Around – whether it be for your most popular model or a unique trade you have on the lot – take a short video walk around highlighting it’s features and post it on your social pages.

Internet Lead Video Follow up –Respond to leads with a video introduction of your dealership and show them the vehicle in stock that they inquired about.

Service department video– Send a video of the customer’s vehicle, clearly showing the parts needing repair or replacement.

Service Department reactivation video – offer customers with high mileage/older vehicles, a free video vehicle inspection and a discount on necessary repairs.

Event Notifications & Invitations – Use video to promote upcoming events. Send unique and entertaining video invitations to hype the event and draw a crowd.

Introduce new models or model year changes – include videos in your e-mails promoting new models (employee e-mails and business development center e-mails).

Owner Loyalty – If you have an owner loyalty program, make a short video explaining the program and include it in prospect and/or new customer e-mails.

Extended Warranty Reminders – send a video after a customer has come in for a 10k, 20k or 30k checkup, reminding them they can still purchase an extended warranty. Show them the benefits of getting that extra coverage.

Anniversary or Birthday video – Create a fun and personalized video to celebrate a vehicle anniversary or a customer’s birthday.

Thank you video– Thank prospects for coming to your dealership, and customers for purchasing a vehicle.

Community Service – Take videos of any local events your dealership participates in. Post on social media pages.

Awards – If your dealership or staff has received awards, get the word out!

New Technology Updates – If Showcase new technology that is improving safety, performance or comfort.

How to videos – Demonstrate basic “how to” questions in a video such as how to connect Bluetooth or how to set your navigation up. These are great videos to include on your YouTube library and direct customers there for the most commonly asked car care questions.

Improve Online Presence – include links to your social media sites with each video email you send.

Employee new hire video – create a video welcoming a new hire to your company.

Help wanted video – create a video about your company to include with any help wanted ads online.

Pick a few ideas to get started. You can expand the use of video over time. There are so many ways to incorporate video into the customer’s experience at the dealership. You can also take video beyond the customer experience and use it when hiring and training employees as well. The options are endless.