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Not everyone likes change. Some people adapt very well while others resist change, fear change and others will get defensive (the whole “why me” scenario). We know from experience, dealers and shops that embrace TruVideo have more success. So how do you get your staff on board? Here are a few tips to get employees and new hires on board with change initiatives.

  • Get them involved right from the beginning. Explain to them why TruVideo is necessary and beneficial. Employee involvement can take the form of brainstorming sessions, inputting to the process, desired outcomes, identifying impacts of the change, designing training, or any form of two-way communications. Keep people involved by communicating often, and answering employee questions as they come.
  • Explain to them how their roll fits into the TruVideo process and what it means for them. Expect questions and be prepared to answer them based on how your store will use TruVideo (common questions we hear have to do with “how hard is it to use”, “will I get paid extra for doing this”, and “what if I’m not good?”)
  • Show them you care. The best way you can address and ease fears is by communication. Be transparent throughout the organizational change process. Talk about why a change is coming and what purpose it serves.
  • Keep things moving. TruVideo is easy and speedy to implement. Use that to your benefit. The less time employees have to mull over the idea and raise hypothetical concerns, the better.
  • Give employees time. Don’t force or expect them to be so excited right off the bat. Have weekly follow up meetings and show results and positive feedback from customers. Recognize the employees that are using TruVideo and let them share their stories. Once they see the benefits of TruVideo, then they too will start to get excited about using it.