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Bret’s Auto Works has seen success since launching TruVideo last August.  Gary McGinnis, a Service Manager with over 30 years experience, admits that at first a few of the technicians did push back when it came to making the video’s.  But the process was simple and easy, and once they saw it working, they jumped on board.   Now, EVERY customer gets a video and the average dollars per RO has gone from $242 to $428.

The success doesn’t end at the increase in sales.  The customers love the video and the 5-star reviews they are seeing is tremendous, with most of the customers mentioning the video as one of the main reasons they were happy with their experience at Bret’s Auto Works.   This couldn’t make Gary happier, since customer service is their number one goal.  They are always looking to “wow” their customers and the videos have been a huge hit.  And, they know happy customers bring in new business through referrals, just another benefit of TruVideo.

 “TruVideo has changed our service department for the better by giving us the opportunity to show and tell the customer what’s going on with the vehicle.  Plus, you can keep it on file for two years.  It’s a no-brainer.  Why wouldn’t you do it?”

One of Gary’s favorite stories is of a college student who came in for an oil change.  She was leaving for school in just a few days.  The technician saw some work she needed done.  In the past, Gary said, typically the customer would have left the shop to discuss the work with the family.  But, with TruVideo, the student was able to send the video to her dad, where he could see what needed to be done.  He called Gary right away and said “let’s fix it, I need her safe when she goes to school.” The videos allow the customer to see everything, it builds trust and credibility and there is less back and forth.  Most people see it and make a decision right then and there.

TruVideo has been “awesome” for Gary and his team.  


Customer reviews speak volumes for the success that Truvideo can bring to your shop.

Sisney   2/20/2018 Bret’s Autoworks – 
Got me in at the scheduled time and even though I added work for them to do – they got me in and out quickly. 27 point inspection video was VERY helpful and demonstrated full transparency with the work that they do!

Ron 2/10/2018 Bret’s Autoworks – 
I really liked Bret’s Automotive’s use of the video guide to the work that was needed. This generated trust that all of the suggested work was indeed needed with visual proof of failing parts or expired fluids. The staff was friendly and supportive of my requests.

Scott   9/16/2017 Bret’s Autoworks –
I love the new video messages showing you exactly that the mechanic is seeing and the ability the approve service options via text message. It is great that Bret’s is using technology to improve customer service. Thanks,

Tip of the Month:
Inspect what you expect by receiving daily email reports highlighting how many videos have been recorded, sent, and viewed by the customer.