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At TruVideo, we love hearing how our technology is helping our clients increase service revenue and improve communication. I had the pleasure of talking with Robert Devaux, Dealer Manager at Chantilly Mazda, who started using TruVideo in January of 2019. They are proof that video works! In just five short months they have seen their repair order sales per VIN go from $117.72 in January to $180.27 in May. They have also improved their effective labor rate because the mix of work has changed. Robert attributes their success to their process. “I am a process guy. Process is important, and I expect and inspire my team to follow it” Devaux says.

Devaux offers the following tips to anyone else who is getting up and running or not seeing the positive results:

  • Let your employees know what TruVideo is before you launch, and how it can help improve the shop.
  • The more they know, the greater their buy-in will be.
  • Educate customers at check in – the views will go up once people know what to expect. Focus on making videos 100% of the time

Robert states that the feedback from customers has been great. Instead of customers wondering if the suggested repair is really needed, they now ask “how quick can you get it fixed?”. Their staff loves it too. According to Robert, TruVideo is the solution to the old “operator game” analogy often used in service. The tech might see four or five items the vehicle needs, but by the time it gets to the customer it translates to one. “TruVideo is the trust thread that connects the entire service process”.