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5 Tips for Explaining Auto Issues and Repair Needs to Your Service Customers via Video


Customers often struggle to truly understand the reasons for even some of the most common auto repairs, and this can, unfortunately, cause trust issues that are difficult for auto dealerships to resolve. Utilizing video to document problems and explain them in detail to customers is a fantastic way to overcome this hurdle. Below are five tips for creating videos for customers, building trust, and growing your business along the way. 

#1 – Explain Issues in Everyday Terminology

The longer you work in an industry, and the more knowledge you gain, the easier it becomes to forget that the average customer doesn’t understand things in the same way you do. This is a huge cause of miscommunication, but it’s also one of the most easily resolved. When explaining an issue to a customer, use terms that are easy to understand, and try to explain in such a way that your customer truly understands the problem at hand. 

#2 – Make Sure Audio and Video are Clear

There’s nothing worse than trying to watch a video only to realize that the picture is blurry, or the sound is muffled. Recording a video to communicate with your customers is an excellent idea, but it only gets the job done when the customer can see and hear the video clearly. Make sure the camera lens is clean and that you are enunciating your words clearly while keeping the microphone the same distance from your mouth for the entire recording. Then, watch the video yourself before forwarding it along to the customer to ensure excellent quality. 

#3 – Keep it Concise

Just as it’s important to make sure your video is clear, you should also make sure you’ve kept it concise. After all, you don’t want to lose your customer’s attention and lose the opportunity to truly communicate and be transparent. Ideally, you should keep the video to about two or three minutes in length, or if the problem is complex, five minutes at a maximum. Make sure that your explanation is succinct, as well, and that you are not repeating yourself unnecessarily. 

#4 – Include the Important Information

Though all dealerships may have different protocols for utilizing video as a form of communication, it is best practice to make sure you include specific pieces of information. These include the description of the issue, the reason why the issue is causing the problem, the exact repair to be carried out, the price of the part or parts required to fix the problem, and the estimated labor costs. Your customer will appreciate having this information up front. 

#5 – Keep it Polite and Professional

Finally, you should always make sure that your videos are 100% polite and professional in order to provide the best possible customer service. Smile at the camera, address the customer by name, and then go over the information included in step four. At the end of the video, thank the customer for their business and ask them to respond via text if they have any questions about the repair. This is by far the best way to build rapport with a customer, and over time, build your business. 

When explaining auto issues and repair needs to your customers via video, ensuring that you’ve kept things short and explained them in a way that everyone can understand is very important. Aside from that, be sure the video quality is excellent, that you’ve covered the most important points, and that you were polite and professional throughout the video.