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Are You Communicating with Your Customers Effectively? Here’s How You Can Tell

dealership communication

Effective communication is critical in any business and industry, but when it comes to auto dealerships, it’s one of the most important parts of running a successful company. If you aren’t sure whether you are communicating with your customers effectively, consider the information below, and implement some changes to improve that communication if necessary. 

Your Customers Seem Upset or Angry

Though there are some cases when there is little to nothing you can do to prevent your customers’ anger or negative emotions, if you seem to be experiencing these from customers frequently, this is a telltale sign that you are not communicating effectively. Customers tend to become upset when they feel as if they’ve been duped, lied to, or otherwise taken advantage of, so be sure that your communication with your customer is incredibly transparent at all times to earn their trust. Better yet, use video and text message – two things that provide a record of your communication – to get information across. These things are far more likely to help customers feel at ease and prevent those negative emotions. 

They Don’t Want You to Fix Their Cars

If you seem to have customers take their vehicles elsewhere for repairs after you’ve provided them with a diagnosis, this is another sign that you may not be communicating effectively. There’s a chance that they may not trust you to carry out the repairs due to a lack of communication, but there is also the chance that they don’t really believe they need the repairs. One of the best ways to resolve this is to have your service technicians record videos of the issues for your customers and explain the problems in detail. 

Your Sales are Down

If your auto sales seem to be taking a nosedive despite several months or even years of fairly stable earnings, this is yet another indicator that your sales team may not be effectively communicating with potential buyers. In today’s day and age, many people do much of their auto shopping and research from home, so by the time they arrive on your lot, they already know exactly what they want – they just want to see it firsthand. Sometimes your customers may live an hour or more away and simply cannot justify making the drive unless they are certain you have a vehicle they want. Try sending your long-distance customer’s vehicle tour videos to help them make that decision.  

There are Too Many Misunderstandings

Misunderstandings can kill an auto dealership, whether those misunderstandings have to do with the price of a new or used vehicle, the extent of repairs to be completed, or even the agreed-upon cost of those repairs. if you find that your customers seem shocked to learn about the total owed for repairs or the asking price for a vehicle they want, it may be time to reevaluate your communication skills. The text messaging platform is excellent for this as it gives your team and your customers a platform for discussion, questions, and more. When information is in writing, misunderstandings about cost, features, and more are far less likely. 

As you can see, a lack of effective communication between your auto dealership and its customers can have a seriously detrimental effect on your business. You might find yourself losing sales, losing trust, or even generating bad reviews based on miscommunication. Try the tips above to enhance understanding, and you are sure to experience fewer misunderstandings and far more growth in the future.