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CDK ServiceView

Powered by TruVideo

CDK announces partnership with TruVideo to address the need for communication solutions that develop trust in the automotive service industry.

CDK Global, a leader in the retail automotive technology space, has partnered with TruVideo to create CDK ServiceView. This text-based video communication tool has been designed to acknowledge and provide a solution for the major area of concern uncovered in CDK’s 2020 study of service customers. Here, they discovered that 55% of customers don’t trust dealerships because they believe that: 1) service departments frequently upsell unrequired repairs and 2) service departments keep customers in the dark during the repair process.

CDK ServiceView provides service departments utilizing CDK Service or their Elead Service the ability to combat this issue. By incorporating the video and text communicative capabilities of TruVideo, service departments can shine a light on the vehicle repair process. By providing transparent visual evidence of vehicle repairs and recommendations, trust that would typically take multiple visits can be established instantly. Alongside text-based communication, the modern consumers preferred way to discuss business, service departments that utilize this technology see an increase in revenue and customer satisfaction.

CDK Global also found that 74% of customers who chose to go to non-dealership shops for service said they would consider visiting a dealership for future repairs. Video communication addresses the issue of trust that often stands in the way of consumers coming to dealerships for service. Through the transparency of CDK ServiceView, service departments can stand out in their market and attract this large pool of customers that otherwise would go elsewhere. CDK Global’s recognition and response to this major area of concern has once again shown how video is becoming the new norm for communication in the automotive industry.

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