August 28, 2019

5 Tips for Retaining Service Customers with Technology

Customer retention in the auto service industry can be tricky, especially since the industry is so very competitive. However, various types of technology have been shown to help increase customer retention while boosting service departments’ ROIs and revenue at the same time. Here are some…
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August 21, 2019

Different Ways to Use Video in Order to Improve Customer Service at Your Dealership

In competitive industries like automotive sales and service, the level of customer service you provide is often the key indicator of your reputation and success. Though there are several things you can do to enhance customer service, such as offering refreshments in the waiting area…
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Car Dealerships Video
July 23, 2019

Different Ways Car Dealer Service Departments Can Use Video to Be Better

No matter where you live, it seems that there’s a car dealership and service provider on just about every single corner. In order to stand out and help your business grow, you will always need to strive to do better and be better than your…
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condition reporting dealership
July 18, 2019

Condition Reporting at Dealerships Has Evolved Past the Simple Phone Call

Whether you’re listing the condition of cars available for sale to boost transparency with your customers or you need a log of all the damages associated with your rental and loaner cars, condition reporting is a helpful, if not necessary, tool. Once upon a time,…
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February 1, 2019

TruVideo Testimonial: Mark Bailey, Director of Fixed Ops at Austin Infiniti

Mark Bailey, Director of Fixed Ops for Austin Infiniti, spends five minutes in this video explaining why his service department records over 1000 videos each month and why he chose the TruVideo communication platform to grow his service revenue and improve his customer experience. Mark…
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January 21, 2019

How do you value the customer interaction?

There are two types of people we market to. There are customers we want to acquire and customers we already have and want to retain. They require two different messages when marketing to them. It seems when we are acquiring customers we work harder and appreciate each interaction more.…
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December 5, 2018

No More Pancakes, Please!

A video condition report saves money and hassles. As a Service Manager, Fixed Ops Director, GM or Owner, you may spend thousands of dollars each month addressing customer damage claims. How often do you hear “you scratched/dented my car while it was in here for…
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November 29, 2018

Hope is not a plan! Video guarantees growth in 2019

We are in the heart of budget planning season and owners and managers are asking the Service Manager how much they will grow their business in 2019. Or maybe they are setting a target of 10% or 12% or 15% growth for the service department.…
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Road Image
November 21, 2018

November Tips and Trends

New TruVideo Video's Available Take a look at some of our promotional videos as well as videos recorded by shop technicians for customers. Here you’ll get the feel for YOUR customer’s experience with TruVideo and your commitment to transparency and excellence. View our Co-Founder, Joe…
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August 22, 2018

Featured Dealer Of The Month: Austin Infiniti

June 22, 2018, Austin Infiniti launched with TruVideo. Within just five weeks, we knew we had to feature them as our dealer of the month! In speaking with Mark Baily, Service Director at Austin Infiniti, he gave us his insight on why it's working and…
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