Dealership Loyalty
October 17, 2019

How Dealerships are Maximizing Mobile Technology to Increase Customer Loyalty

You can’t keep your auto dealership running without revenue, and you can’t generate revenue if you don’t have customers. In order to have customers, you need to reach out to them in all the right ways – and in today’s world, that means via the…
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Auto Industry Trust
September 20, 2019

Seeing is Believing: Building Consumers’ Trust in the Auto Industry

From automobile manufacturers to dealers and even service providers, trust is sorely lacking across the automobile industry. Fortunately, the rise of social media has helped consumers realize that they deserve transparency when it comes to the products and services they buy. These days, seeing truly…
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August 7, 2019

Take TruVideo on the Go with In-App Texting!

TruVideo now offers in-app texting, a feature that will allow you to text with your customers even when you’re away from your desk!Just like when you text back-and-forth with your customers on the desktop Dashboard, you can now take your conversation on the road with…
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Automotive Marketing Smartphone
July 30, 2019

How Automotive Marketing Has Changed with the Birth of the Smartphone

Automotive marketing has gone through many phases in the last few decades, but nothing has been as disruptive to the market as mobile phone technology. Back in 2015, Pew Research pointed out that 80% of dealers’ main demographic – people under 50 who earn $75,000…
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August 31, 2018

Great Video Email Ideas for Dealerships

Great Video Email Ideas for Dealerships Consumers are using video more than ever to make purchasing decisions. Here is a list of ways you can incorporate video in the dealership processes to engage your customers, build trust, enhance their customer's experience and build long-lasting customer…
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April 21, 2017

DirectTire leads the way with TruVideo

DirectTire have just launched their new marketing campaign online and on CBS Radio. TruVideo is being used as their key differentiator for their customers. Feedback from campaign is showing that this is clearly resonating with the audience with improved appointment numbers and people requesting a video…
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December 23, 2016

Texting is the New Norm

To fully serve their customer, auto dealers need to communicate over the customer's preferred channel. If a customer is in a meeting and can’t pick up the phone to talk right now, why can’t they send a text message to their dealership? Not only should…
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December 12, 2016

New Year Goals

At the beginning of every year, most management teams will lay out goals and numbers that are expected to be reached for the next year. Often times, a certain level of growth is expected, but how many dealers have set plans to achieve this growth?…
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September 10, 2015

Used Car Sales Story

The very first time that GetTransparency was used for Used Car Sales a customer drove across two state lines to purchase her vehicle. A resident of Maine made a routine internet inquiry to a dealership in Massachusetts. The dealer immediately responded with a custom video…
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March 6, 2015

How Does Digital Influence Drivers

The Google Research Group performed several surveys linked to a study of how consumers use digital in the car buying and service space. It turns out that digital reminders, service videos and a quality mobile experience mean more to consumers than just price. High quality…
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