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Man showing something on a smartphone to a womanMobileVideo

Great Video Email Ideas for Dealerships

Great Video Email Ideas for Dealerships Consumers are using video more than ever to make purchasing decisions. Here is a list of ways you can incorporate video in the dealership processes to engage your customers, build trust, enhance their customer's experience and build long-lasting customer…
Nathan Botelho
August 31, 2018

BG Distributor Spotlight: Walton Distributing Company, Inc.

Walton Distributing started selling TruVideo to their customers about two months ago. They are already seeing success. According to Ronnie Hengst, the President at Walton Distributing Company, they have approximately 10-15 stores already using TruVideo. One of their first stores who launched with TruVideo, an…
Nathan Botelho
August 22, 2018

BG Distributor Spotlight

Bob Hartman was gracious enough to sit down and talk about his experience with the program and how it is changing his customers' outlook and numbers. When Bob was asked when he knew TruVideo was going to be successful for his group, he said he…
Nathan Botelho
May 27, 2018

DirectTire leads the way with TruVideo

DirectTire have just launched their new marketing campaign online and on CBS Radio. TruVideo is being used as their key differentiator for their customers. Feedback from campaign is showing that this is clearly resonating with the audience with improved appointment numbers and people requesting a video…
April 21, 2017
Business agreement handshake at coffee shopSalesVideo

First Impressions and Trust

What is more important to making a sale: trust or respect? Amy Cuddy argues in her latest book, “Presence”, that within seconds of meeting a new person, you automatically begin measuring their level of warmth and competence. Basically, this means that you are asking yourself…
January 25, 2017

Texting is the New Norm

To fully serve their customer, auto dealers need to communicate over the customer's preferred channel. If a customer is in a meeting and can’t pick up the phone to talk right now, why can’t they send a text message to their dealership? Not only should…
December 23, 2016