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Video Sells Chemistry

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When we started the TruVideo-BG partnership almost two years ago, that was the assumption we made. When you show the customer a dab tray in a video, when they are not present and their car is still on the lift, you are going to have more opportunities for fluid service sales. And that has proven out.
Now, it doesn’t happen every time. And sometimes the client has to grow into the program. But, in general, we’ve seen a positive affect on BG sales when video is used consistently.
For example, Modern Tire, a five-store independent in New England grew their overall business by 30% in 2017, while BG sales grew 22% in that same time period across those stores. And the primary tool for this growth was video.
Also, Nelson Mazda of Tulsa tracked their improvement from February 2018, when they implemented TruVideo, and compared it with the previous year. They showed an overall labor increase of 64% in February versus 2017. And BG sales grew $17,746 in February versus February 2017. BG revenue was up by 2x and 3x over the following months.
So, what’s the magic? Three things affect the success of the program. The first is consistent use. One or two videos, out of an RO count of 30 per day, do not move the needle. We all know that if 100% gives us X, then 50% gives us only half of X. So, regardless of the benefit, we can’t realize the entire amount if we have subpar activity. Accounts that take a video here or there will get the benefit on those ROs, but rarely is it enough to affect overall averages or show significant growth.
The second element that affects these numbers is a byproduct of the video platform. Video affects the communication chain and allows Technicians the ability to present all of the recommendations to the customer without the Advisor cherry picking items. The industry number, that is often mentioned, is that 60% of uncovered work is not presented to the ultimate decision maker. With video, 100% of the work is presented to the customer, and the customer is more likely to accept some or all of the items that they would not normally have seen. This has a significant affect on conversion rates and the ability to sell more services.
The third piece is an informative presentation by the technician. What’s different, when you use video, is that the Advisor is no longer the presenter. Sure they interact with the customer and discuss time and cost, but now the Technician is the one showing dab trays and explaining what is involved with the various BG services. So it is critical to work with the Techs to get them comfortable with the correct word tracks to Inform, Educate, Recommend and Implicate. When you follow this process, which I will expand on in a future post, you have your best chance of success in upselling work.
We talk about a phased approach when rolling out TruVideo:
  1. Take videos
  2. Take more videos
  3. Take better videos
The first two phases are about the mechanics and building a habit. The third phase is about quality. Once they learn how to do it and then build it into their process, such that a video is taken on virtually every RO, then we can start working on what the Technician says, how they say it, which tools are used and other presentation aids. I believe bigger gains for BG are realized in the second and third phase, and that requires additional training and diligence to make sure Techs have trays, strips and the right words to say.
Consistent use of video in the service department will help sell more chemistry and services for your clients. But you can’t just “set it and forget it”. Video is a tool in their toolbox, just like a wrench, but you need to make sure they know how to use the tool and to build its usage into every MPI presentation. That’s when the full potential of the TruVideo platform is realized.
As always, for sample videos or to schedule a webinar with a client, go to