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Shops are 50% More Efficient with TruVideo

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Notbohm Motors, a Buick and Chevrolet dealer in Miles City, Montana, hovered in the 68-72% efficiency for their shop for the last decade. Then in October, 2018, they installed TruVideo. Over the next three months their efficiency improved 5 to 12% each month until in January, 2019, they experienced their first month at 100% efficiency for their shop!
This represents a 43% improvement over the course of 3.5 months, and Notbohm Motors is thrilled with the results. According to Cliff White, who runs the BG distributor Alpine Distributing, he wanted to introduce a tool that the service department could implement to grow their business. And although Cliff knows that it will help his BG product sales, his main goal was not to grow his own business, but to grow service hours and parts sales for one of his top clients. He knows that if there is more money coming in, then there is more money to go around. And every time his client looks at his improved numbers he will remember that BG brought him that solution. Cliff wants to be sticky and deeply embedded with his customers so that they would never switch to another fluid provider.
One thousand miles south in Wichita, Kansas, there is a similar story unfolding at Eddy’s Toyota which is part of the seven-dealer Eddy’s Everything Auto Group. With six stores on the TruVideo platform since October, 2018, the Fixed Operations Director, Terry West, presented stats from his Toyota store that showed a 50% improvement in Technician productivity. Eddy’s Toyota used to average in the 80-90% range for productivity and now they average in the 130-140% range, with some techs at 180% and 200% productivity. They even have Express Techs in the 110-130% productivity range. In addition to these improvements, Terry says that averagehours per RO have doubled from 1.1 to 2.2 in the last six months.
This is another situation where the local distributor, Kansas BG, fully supports the implementation of the TruVideo texting and video platform to add value to their relationship and further solidify the partnership between BG and the Eddy’s dealer group.
Now that both clients are recording and sending a high volume of videos, the next phase is to evaluate the quality of the videos further to provide feedback to the technicians so that the videos are as informative as they can be. This includes the TruVideo Quality Report (TQR) which is a 100-point report card provided by TruVideo for each technician to improve word tracks and the use of gauges and dab trays. We are looking forward to even greater improvements across their key metrics over the course of the next six months.
For BG-TruVideo clients in your territory that would like a TQR, please reach out to your rep (Chris or Scott) to schedule one (