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Hope is not a plan! Video guarantees growth in 2019

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We are in the heart of budget planning season and your dealer owners and managers are asking the Service Manager how much he will grow the business in 2019. Or maybe the General Manager is setting a target of 10% or 12% or 15% growth for the service department.
Whatever the process, you can expect that your customers are being asked to generate double-digit growth in 2019. So then the question becomes, how are they going to achieve those gains? Some Service Managers will say that they hope that the dealership will sell more new cars in the new year and therefore there will be more customers to service. As Joe Shaker, a TruVideo founder, says “hope is not a plan!”
You can be the hero to your customers by bringing them the solution to their growth problem in 2019. Introduce them to TruVideo. The video and texting platform has been proven to work to grow revenue in dealers and independents:
  • Jerry Seiner Chevy (Salt Lake City, UT) grew customer pay hours 22% and effective labor rate by 5% for a monthly increase in profit of $25,000 on just 685 ROs.
  • A five-store independent (who has asked to be unnamed) grew 30% in 2017.
  • Nelson Mazda (Tulsa, OK) grew their average customer pay labor revenue from $104 to $170 in just three weeks
On top of helping your client grow their revenue and improve their customer experience, TruVideo has also proven that video will grow BG sales in the account.
  • That five-store independent grew BG sales by 22% in 2017
  • Nelson Mazda took BG sales from $6,000 in March of 2017 to $24,000 in March of 2018
So throw your service managers a life line and guide them to developing a profit plan for 2019. Video really does work for both the dealer/independent and your bottom line.
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