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Great Target Accounts for Video

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Some of your clients will be more interested than others in a platform that makes it dead simple to record and send videos. There will be customer that are stuck in their old ways or are so busy they couldn’t imagine adding a new communication channel, but there are plenty of dealers and independents out there that will welcome a fresh idea from a trusted partner like BG. Look at each of your accounts to see if any of these ideas ring true.

multiple bullseye targets
The following targets should convert into a TruVideo client at a higher rate. Each has a unique reason why they should show more interest in using video.
  • Weak advisors – Maybe they are are new to the role, maybe they are not very technical, maybe they are not comfortable “selling” services to customers. Advisors are your number one barrier to success. Use video to allow the techs to speak directly to the customer, thus avoiding the advisor barrier.
  • Goals to grow revenue – If your customer has a goal to grow revenue, TruVideo is a concrete plan to get there. Did the big boss say he wanted to see 10%, 15% or more growth in 2019? This is how you get your customer there.
  • Poor CSI – Shops with poor customer experience grades can benefit from improved communication and transparency in their recommendations. Customers love getting the video of their car and that positive feedback often shows up in Google and Yelp Reviews, and manufacturer surveys.
  • Independent Groups – Some of our most successful customers are part of small independent groups that have solid management and a repeatable process to do the complete MPI and to document and share the results. Start in one or two of these stores and grow to include the whole group. That’s what we did with Burnett Automotive, an eight-store Goodyear group in the Kansas City area.
  • Installed Texting Solution – When a shop has an installed texting solution you can present TruVideo as a replacement that also brings a solid video platform. TruVideo is often only one to two hundred dollars more and you get both.
  • Mazda – Mazda North America will co-op 100% of the subscription cost of the TruVideo service.
  • Jaguar Land Rover – JLR North America is requiring each of their stores to have a video solution installed in Q1 2019. TruVideo is finalizing the requirements for the approved vendor list with JLR NA.
  • Volkswagen – Nationwide VW has been promoting video use for several years. One of our direct competitors (QuikVideo) has been installed in a lot of VW stores. We will often be able to displace them because our software is easier to use and the cost is usually half or a third as much to the dealer.
And don’t forget about conquest accounts. TruVideo is often used as a differentiator in the market and allows you to add value to the relationship and offer a bonus above and beyond selling chemicals.