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Bob Hartman was gracious enough to sit down and talk about his experience with the program and how it is changing his customers’ outlook and numbers. When Bob was asked when he knew TruVideo was going to be successful for his group, he said he knew before he even brought on his first client. After seeing how it was working in another shop, he became interested and the rest is history! He is in the process of launching it throughout his area. Several of his stores are up and running and his goal is to have each sales person get their 1st account up and running by Summer. Once they have that first success, he knows the growth will just happen.

“The transparency that TruVideo brings to the retail customer is what excites me”, Bob said. “In the past, only a small portion of customers would wait while their car was serviced, which limited the ability of the technician and adviser to review with the customer what their vehicle needed. With TruVideo, we can now show all the customers, in a timely fashion, what their vehicle needs, allowing for more sales. You can dab and show everyone, not just the waiters.”

Bob added, “BG is always looking to become more than a vendor, to bring more to the table for their stores. We were looking for a partner that would help increase the value we already provide our clients. TruVideo fits that bill to a T.”

Typically, in a shop without TruVideo, the Service Adviser is a “filter” between the technician and the customer. A technician might make a recommendation to a customers vehicle, but it’s up to the adviser whether or not they present it to the customer. With TruVideo, the technician “talks” directly to the customer. It also moves the decision whether or not to make a repair back into the dealership during working hours. The video can be viewed quickly, forwarded to another family member if necessary, and a decision can be made while the car is still on the lift. To Bob, this means more than just making money, “TruVideo offers a unique combination of higher trust, CSI, efficiency and sales. It’s like the holy grail.”

When I asked Bob his favorite success story, he didn’t hesitate. He told me about a store that started using TruVideo on a Tuesday. By that Friday (3 days later), in a dealer group meeting, the Service Manager told everyone she had sold an additional $11,000 that she attributed to TruVideo. In 3 days! So far, 4 more dealers in that group have signed up and Bob and his team are working on more.

Bob explained that as a distributor, “it’s imperative to keep adding layers of value to the dealers, it’s essential to retention and growth. TruVideo is the most impactful thing I have seen in a decade. It boosts CSI, and sales which is a win-win for us. It not only helps us retain customers, but I can also use it as a conquest tool for us. How can you at least not have one of your clients/shops try it for 90 days and see the results?”

Talk to Bob, talk to your TruVideo rep and maybe you can be the next Distributor of the Month!