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Shops are 50% More Efficient with TruVideo

Notbohm Motors, a Buick and Chevrolet dealer in Miles City, Montana, hovered in the…

Video Sells Chemistry

Consistent use of video in the service department will help sell more chemistry and services for your clients.

TruVideo Testimonial: Mark Bailey

Mark Bailey, Director of Fixed Ops for Austin Infiniti, spends five minutes in this video explaining why his service department records over 1000 videos each month

Hope is not a plan! Video guarantees growth in 2019

You can be the hero to your customers by bringing them the solution to their growth problem in 2019. Introduce them to TruVideo.

And Here’s The Pitch!

TruVideo makes it is easy for you to pitch your clients and land them as a new user of the video and texting platform.

Great Target Accounts for Video

Add value to the relationship and offer a bonus above and beyond selling chemicals.